If you don't like my perogies, don't eat them.

I know that not everyone likes perogies but I don’t make them for those people. I know not everyone likes little potato raviolis, but some do. Mom does. My ex-g/f does. Most of the population of Poland does (no I don’t have a site [sic]).

Why don’t you just stay the hell outta my kitchen next time?

I LOVE perogis OK? I LOVE them, but not every day. Can’t we have stuffed cabbage once in a while?

I know. It’s like that “Parrot-Ease” bird lubricant. Hey buddy, nobody’s forcing you to buy the stuff.

Are you making fun of Polish people?? Fucking racist. You suck.

And yes, I would like some perogies!

I very rarely, if ever, get your perogies. And when I do I don’t find them particularly tasty. They’re often over-cooked, and give me gas. I suspect I’m in the majority. But I also suspect you don’t care.

Mom does all.

Shit! That didn’t come out right!

MMMM Gramma’s perogies! Smothered in butter and fried onions. I was sent her recipe about a year ago, but I haven’t tried to make them yet. I should.

Leave the perogies to Fenris

Would you just give it up? Your perogies suck and no one cares about them! I can’t believe you actually started this fucking thread to start with. You are dumb.

Oooooo! I don’t understand!


What is this?

What’s a perogy?

Can’t you give a link?

This is a big place. Some people will love your pierogies, some will not. Get over yourself.

Um, do you have any with farmers’ cheese?

MMMMMMMMM pierogi! yummy :slight_smile:

Yummmmmmmm. Has too be a once in a while thing though-- it is easy to burn out on them.

Dude I like your perogies, but damn if they don’t upset my stomache. I’m just gonna stay away from them, and if I don’t you are gonna be staying away from me! :smiley:


Pierogists everywhere are weeping, I’m telling you.

FWIW, Max the first half-dozen pierogies of yours were extremely tasty. I gassed, I cried from the onions, that whole deal.

Lately, though, it seems almost as if you say to yourself “I haven’t cooked up pierogies plate in a while. I really ought to.” It seems as if you’re forcing the pierogies down peoples throats because you feel it is required that you pierogy people to death.

OTOH, if you feel some Chef Boy-ar-dee working hard inside you to churn these babies out one a mealtime or whatever it’s gotten to now (there’ve been a couple times when Max had multiple pierogy courses in the same meal!), and it’s keeping others from healthy eating, just know that the pockets of pasta aren’t going to be universally received with adulation toward you.


That stuff is good, but that new Kentucky Jelly they’ve come out with is scrumpdillyicous. Especially with peanut butter.


Yay! A parody I actually “get”!

[Forrest Gump]

I’m so smart!

[/Forrest Gump]
And damn you… DAMN YOU! Toying with me by making me crave perogies!!! DAMN YOU!

I’ll fully admit this is a hijack and completely irrelevant to the thread, but …

Please share! Either post it here or email me (it’s in my user profile).

Look, if yo’re not gonna put some cheese in there with the potatoes, then just forget about it. I love perogies, but i have limits, and three a day is my limit. Psssst…pass the salt.