If you got the chance to pick three things that you're glad you did.

I just got finished reading the “three things you wish you could change about the past” thread and decided maybe another thread about three things you’re glad you did would provide a proper pick-me-up. my three things:

  1. im glad i decided to go to college right after high school. although i havent yet reaped the benefits, i stand by my decision.

  2. im glad that ive dated everyone that ive dated. if they didnt turn out to be the best relationships, they at least turned out to be friends and every person has taught me something important.

  3. im glad that i decided early on not to have any regrets about my actions because i cant change the past, but i can learn from it and change the future based on those lessons.

  1. I’m glad I enlisted in the Air Force right out of high school. It taught me the discipline and gave me the self confidence that I needed to get me where I am today.

  2. I’m glad I took a chance and met my GF on an impulse. I’ve never been happier with anyone else.

  3. I’m glad I played baseball in little league and high school and the base softball team. I miss it terribly now that I can’t play anymore, but at least I have those times to remember.

I like this… it’s a positive thread!

I’m also glad that I dated the men I’ve dated. I’ve learned something from each and every one of them. After my first “true love” I learned that I will never let a man take advantage of me and walk all over me again!

I thank God everyday that I have my children. I can’t imagine my life without them and they’ve made me a more patient, loving, sensitive person. Everything I do and every decision I make revolves around what’s best for them. They really bring out the best in me.

This one is kind of a two-for-one. I am glad that I had the courage to divorce my ex-husband and get away from that bad relationship/situation and move on with my life and I’m also glad that I was wise enough to break up with my last boyfriend so I could be with Matt. Best decision I’ve made because Matt is my rock! He and my children make my life worthwhile and brighten up my world!

Hope that’s not too sappy!!

Glad that I joined the Infantry.
Glad that I joined the SDMB.
Glad that I have taken my entire life’s experiences and learned from them what it is to be who I am, and how I may better help all people.

Rachelle, that’s not sappy, that’s smart! Keep up the good work lovely lady!

Big huge, number one thing - I’m glad I didn’t put my daughter up for adoption. It came really, really close - she had even been named already, by another woman - before I backed out and screamed in my head, “NO! I CAN’T DO THIS!”

I’m glad I went back to high school and went on to University.

I’m glad I made the decision to quit my job in '96 and go back to school, because that is where I met my absolutely wonderful hubby.

I’m glad I allowed my first child to be born. It was unplanned, I was single, and extremely immature. I made the decision to relinquish her for adoption. We have an open adoption, so I still see her, and have a wonderful relationship with her and her adoptive family. She’s a bright, beautiful, happy 12 year old now.

I’m glad I changed my mind about having more kids. I had pretty much decided not to, then I met my current husband. We’ve got two more, and they have brought me more joy than I can express.

I’m glad I decided to quit being a religious hypocrite and finally chose a path that works for me. It has brought me a great deal of peace in the last year, which has been pretty tumultuous.

I’m glad to just be me again and that I like myself for who I am and forgive myself for the mistakes I have made, especially in the past year.

I’m glad I have this wonderful little boy who I share such a special love with.

I’m glad that I have maintained such wonderful friendships that mean so much to me.

I’m glad I finally went online last year. It truly broadened my horizons and introduced me to new things (not least of which is the digital crack called the SDMB).

I’m glad I didn’t let the bad experiences I went through in my childhood turn me bitter.

I’m glad I got out of retail and into computing as a career.

I am glad i chose to stick with hubby even though everyone said it would not last and it was a Bad Idea. It meant nearly starving, it meant delaying college for 3 years, but overall it has been worth it.

I am glad i chose computers as my secong major.

I am glad that i took this job. It is the best yet. I had a decent one and took the risk and moved to one almost too good to be true.

I’m glad that at some point early in my life, I realised that I could learn from the pain in my life. I didn’t feel sorry for myself, I used the pain to facilitate action on my part. And in doing so, I learned about myself, and had a pretty decent self-awareness at a VERY young age.

I’m glad I took time off before going to school. More time to learn about myself, more time to apprechiate learning. And because all my high school friends left, I had a ton of time alone to ponder things. SO good for me.

I’m glad I put the energy I do into my relationship with my parents. I am especially glad my dad is one of my best friends, and one of the wisest people I know. Neither of my sisters put any energy into getting to know my parents as people, and constantly complain about how jealous they are of my relationships with them. It’s cause I put time into it.

I’m glad I have such a good friendship with my parents. It’s great to know I can always count on my mom for love and advice and my dad for jokes and affection.

I’m glad I ignored all that “you’re too young” crap from my friends and married my husband anyway. He is my anchor when I need grounding and my wings when I need to fly.

I’m glad I’m putting kids off for another two or more years. In this I know I’m too young and I just don’t feel mature enough for the responsibility yet. My life is still too up in the air and without direction. I work full time and this fall I’ll be going to school part time. There’s no room for kids yet so for now I’ll stick to cats.


You know only listing three is hard for me. Actually there is little about my life I would change, because changing those things likely would have changed other things that I would not want to change.

But for the top three that I am glad I did.

I am glad I married Mrs. Trkr. She is such a wonderful woman and is indeed the perfect match for me.

I am glad that we waited a few years (4) to have our first child, and I am glad that I had a daughter. She has meant so much to our family.

I am glad we had our second daughter. The whole premature birth was hard, but I am not sure I would even change that. She as well as our oldest are just about the best things that God has ever given me.


  1. I’m glad I have my son. He is so freakin’ cool and has made me grow up A LOT!

  2. I’m glad I went to college and have my degree. College was such a great experience for me. Although I don’t feel that my degree has furthered my career, I am proud of myself for completing college and shouldering all of the financial responsibility myself.

  3. In general, I’m glad that I speak up when I feel someone is wrong. I don’t mean correcting grammar or trivial errors. I mean when someone is hurting someone who won’t speak up for himself, I will politely let that person know their behavior is unacceptable. I’ve seen too many people act like assholes and hurt other people just for laughs. That’s calling for a good tongue lashing by me!

This ia happy one!

I’m happy that I spent all those years traveling around and meeting a very wide variety of people.

I’m glad that all the time I spent doing art paid off and I was able to jump on to my current career path.

I’m thankful and glad to have such an amazingly supportive family. Having people who are always there for you is a great thing indeed.

I’m going to make this four, just because I’ve got so many things to be glad about…

I’m glad that I have such a bright future, and so much time to find more things to be glad abou.!


I’m glad that I learned to always remember that no matter how bad the event, life goes on.

I’m glad that I’ve made my mother my best friend.

I’m glad I let myself fall in love with the most unexpected man…but the perfect one for me.

I need all the positivity I can get at this point, so here goes.

  1. I’m glad that I decided to take my best friend’s LSAT last year for “kicks.” I started out school pre-law, left for a while, and returned as an English major. When Chrissie got her scores last year, they sent her a copy of the test she took. She threw it at me to take one night, I took it in front of the television, and got a 160 (about 80th percentile). That’s what first got me thinking that I might actually still want to do this law thing after all.

  2. I’m glad I tried to date my friend Matt. It worked out God-awfully. But I got it out of my system, after seven years of wondering “What if?” After that, I spent a good while completely single, and was able to be swept off my feet without regrets.

  3. I’m glad I spent six months or so taking care of my cousins while my aunt was getting her shit together. It was a bad time for me as well, and having that responsibility in my life kept me from being even more self-destructive than I already was. Also, seeing the beginnings of a nasty custody/child support battle over these two boys, and seeing what it did to them as it progressed, helped me cement my career goals. Because of what I saw happen to them, and how they seem to be turning out as they get older, I want to make sure that kids get their voices heard in court.

I’m glad I got married.
I’m glad I had kids.
I’m glad I got divorced.

I’m also mostly glad that I’m still single. :slight_smile:

I’m glad I took drugs in high school; it taught me a lot about how to be a responsible person.

I’m glad I went to Europe despite the fact that Chernobyl had happened just two months prior to my arrival; it taught me a lot about compassion for people of all kinds.

I’m glad I had kids; it’s a miracle they’re not deformed.

  1. I’m glad I took a chance to meet my BF face to face after talking to him OL for a few months. I haven’t regretted it once, and I’m still with him. (The pic on the SD people pages is a pic of the first time we met)

  2. I’m glad I moved to California. I still miss Utah, but I have more chances for a better future here.

  3. I’m glad that I changed my anti-social anti-people ways.