If you had an avatar..

What would it be?

Me? Master Shake

This little fella is my go-to guy:

Over at Fucked Gaijin I use a picture of my son from when he was about 10 minutes old and not at all happy about it.

Ehhh, until I came up with something better, I’d probably use Foamy the Rabid Ferret.

Of course, that’s assuming we’d have to use avatars. Otherwise, my answer would be “none”.

o/ If I had an avatar, I'd avatar in the morning, I'd avatar in the evening, all over this land o/

Oh, wait.

I’d use this, naturally.

Hmmmm. I dunno. I kinda like the monster from Bugs Bunny. Or maybe The Brain from Pinky and The Brain.

Jessica Alba.


Probably the same Motoko Kusanagi av that’s my default over on LJ. Alternatively, Batou, Ryoma, or Mustang.

I’m sure I’d love the pic but it tells me I’m not logged in.

I’ve been known to use Larry Elmore’s cover for Chicks in Chainmail, although I’m afraid my ass is bigger.

Might try capturing an image of one of my WoW dwarves, alternatively :slight_smile: Those chicks are more or less my size…

I usually alternate between a picture of Zod or this, scaled down and cleaned up. My current Myspace avatar, though, is a screen grab I took from Roman Dirge’s Lenore flash cartoons. It’s from the episode with the hamsters, and it’s a shot of the box of hamsters looking terrified at the camera. :slight_smile:

Not Cafe Society material – off to IMHO.

That’s odd. How about this link?

That one worked, thank you!

The little one looks like he knows how to make his opinions heard, that’s for sure… looks like a great Pit avatar :slight_smile:

I’d just have to use a pic of my username’s namesake, Der Trihs from the webcomic Schlock Mercenary. Probably one of the ones where he’s nothing but a head in a jar.

Then please permit me this opportunity to say that Wow! is definitely the term I would use for you.

I’d probably not use an avatar unless it became de rigeur among Dopers. In that case, I’d probably try to find an appropriate tangle of arms and legs that would indicate a clumsy person who fell out-of-panel.

I’d probably use the squirrel-with-a-camera image I use on Livejournal.

The “Keep on Truckin’” dude.

Great pic!

I think I would use a dove with an olive branch, maybe like this. That’s what my hypothetical tattoo would be. (Here’s a good one for a tat.)

The moon. Or my eye. Or a bird.
“when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie…”