If you had the option, would you send your kids to a camp this summer?

Hopefully I can make this one into a poll. The title says it all - if you have the option, do you plan or would you plan to send your kid to camp this summer?

My answer: it depends. My daughter is signed up for a number of camps already, all of which she was signed up for before the pandemic started. I’m seriously considering keeping her in three of them, which start later in the summer, but it all depends on the rate of decline of cases and hospitalizations in the area.

My daughter is lonely, emotional and not sleeping because she doesn’t have enough to occupy her brain and her body even though I try to get the kids out for a walk or run during the day and in the evening and try getting her together with a friend during the week. I and her dad can’t play with her because we work; her brother can’t play with her due to virtual summer school classes. The camps she may go to are so far populated primarily by families we already know and trust. They’ll be outside most of the time and they’ll be limiting the number of kids.

Yet, I’m still on the fence. It seems relatively low risk, but I’m not sure whether even that risk is acceptable, which leads me to think…maybe she should stay home, try to push through and hopefully get to see people at school in the fall.

So, Dopers with kids, what are you guys thinking about your own situations?

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As I put on twitter yesterday, I wouldn’t even consider sending my hypothetical children to camp this summer.

I also don’t have kids but I would 100%.

If I was a kid, I’d definitely want to be going. Those camps sound ideal and exactly what she’d need to get over quarantine fever and keep stimulating the body and brain.

No way. The virus danger is just too high. My (hypothetical) kids will just have to deal with cabin fever for a year.

Do you mean day camps or stayover camps?

I’d send my kid to day camps. I probably wouldn’t have much choice if I were a working parent anyway - working from home and schooling kids at the same time is really difficult. There’s a risk, but everything has a risk. Kids can’t stay at home forever and they’ve already been doing it for months, and bills need to be paid.

Most parents I know in the UK are trying to find stuff for their kids to do outside the home, without their parents, in the summer. The parents need to work, the kids need to socialise, and everyone needs a break from being together all the time. Kids spending 24/7 for months on end with just their immediate family is not a normal way of living.

It’s not like you can really just send the kids out to play for several hours a day. For a start, that’s not the norm these days in many areas, and it’s more difficult if your eldest child is very young (and fewer people have large families or cousins living nearby), and when it comes to fears of the virus, sending your kids out to play randomly puts them at more risk than a camp or school where you know who they’re in contact with. Grandparents often do childcare in the holidays, but they’re in a higher risk category than pretty much everyone working at a summer camp.

No, nein, non, nope, forgeddaboutit

Nope. Sleepover camps in Ontario are officially closed for this summer, but the camp our kids attend was keeping us up to date on the decision making process and the complexities behind it. They decided to not operate about 2 weeks ahead of the government decision and we were fully in support of it.

We want our kids to g too camp, but it just doesn’t make sense this year.

Both of mine are going to day camps this summer. I believe they have a cap of 8 kids total and must wear masks. I think they are only half day camps as well. I know my oldest is going crazy not being able to see her friends. My youngest is doing better, but I don’t know how much she misses her friends.

Yes I would, my daughter works at a girls residential camp and they are holding camp starting next week. They reduced the number of sessions, cancelled day camp for the season and all winter/spring the beautiful year round lodge/facilitiy has been on lock down with no visitors or volunteers. They’ve covid tested all the staff. They feel confidant they can run a camp safely but have had to cancel their off camp hiking / canoe trips. Also there is no international staff this year either.

so yes as long as the camp is addressing covid concerns and not blowing them off and relying on faith I say go for it!

Depends on the camp.

All of my son’s overnight camps were cancelled. The ones that had hundreds of kids I understood and supported cancelling.

The one that was just 8 kids canooing and camping for a week I would have been happy sending him to. I was actually a bit surprised they cancelled. I think with that one part of the problem was they cross over a state boarder and and had to deal with two different governmental authorities in addition to state parks with all their rules.

Yeah, I’m okay with my son being home because he’s pretty self-sufficient. And when he wants company, he can text his friends and ride all over the neighborhood for hours. But my daughter? I’m thinking day camp if we can. I definitely would NOT send her or my son to an overnight camp, but if things keep improving I will probably send her for a few hours. It’s a tough decision, and way more fraught than I ever anticipated, but again, the kid is absolutely miserable and not sleeping and I have no compunctions about pulling her out if things take a downward turn in our area.

I was kinda curious as to other Dopers’ thoughts, particularly after I made the mistake of reading an article about it and one respondent told the author that parents who consider sending their kids to ANY camp should first not have children at all, then go kill themselves. I’m not sure what kind of douchebag thinks that’s an acceptable response to anything, but there you go. I guess that’s what I get for looking for advice/researching on the internet.

I’d let my kids go.

Just off the top of my head, I would have thought an overnight camp (where the kids just stay there) would be safer than a day camp (where they go there, come back, go there come back, etc.).

I don’t have kids, but if I did, would I send them to camp? Depends on the camp. One where, as you say, she’d be outside most of the time, among a limited number of kids, sounds pretty safe to me.

We just pulled our daughter from her summer camp on Monday. They were loosening restrictions fast because they were inconvenient for the teachers and they were hurting for money. This summer the kids will get to spend two weeks with each set of grandparents and hopefully in the Fall they’ll be back in school regularly.


I don’t have kids so maybe I won’t ever know how parents feel, but… aren’t kids pretty much unaffected by the coronavirus?

Out of the 100,000 or so coronavirus deaths in the USA, 26 have been children 14 or under. They are the least likely to be affected by it.

The TEACHERS, on the other hand… asymptomatic kids could very well kill their teachers or summer camp aides.

Australia doesn’t do summer camps. Wish they did. :smiley:

The county-run summer camp that the Firebug usually goes to admitted defeat several weeks back, and refunded everybody’s deposits.

I’d send him to a day camp if (a) they insisted on mask use by staff and kids, and it were (b) almost entirely outdoors during good weather, and © close enough that I could pick him up quickly if rain drove them indoors.

Now I’d just have to find that hypothetical camp.

Yeah, unless there’s some new information I haven’t seen, they appear to be relatively unaffected (though not completely immune). So I wouldn’t worry about my (hypothetical) kids getting coronavirus per se; I’d worry about them bringing it home to the rest of the family.

I would send my kids to summer camp if they could get the time off of work. He’s 25, she’s going to turn 30.