If you HAD to slap one person in the face, who would it be?

Let’s say you’re somehow being FORCED to slap someone in the face of your choosing. no repercussions.

For me, at this time, it would be the CEO of Chick-Fil-A. I just heard what he said again, and would have to say he’s high on the list of people that deserved a good slap… IF I were forced to use violence on anyone. Not that I ever would. :smack:

Adam Smith

with an invisible hand?:smiley:

King Joffrey.

Who do I have to slap to get HBO?

Jane Fonda.

No repercussions? At all, guaranteed? I think that would be a prime opportunity to aim at Fred Phelps.

Not fonda of her either!


A random individual.

Sarah Palin, for that “death panels” bullshit that scared my Mom and many other seniors.

Sarah Palin was my next choice!!

No no no. You gotta save him for the five fingered fist of death taint punch freebie you have coming.

You all make me ashamed. My first choice, without pausing to reflect much, was my estranged husband who called me last night to stealth brag, and then make me feel guilty.

Upon further consideration I think a consequence free slap would be wasted on him.

Yo Momma.

Damn it!

Oh wait… I think I’ll save the punch for Andrew Wakefield, that selfish fuck who faked data to blame autism on the MMR vaccine - simply to use it to promote his own vaccine. That asshole legitimized the anti-vaccination movement and is held up as a victim by the people who believe that shit. He’s contributed to epidemics purely to make himself some money.

Phelps is a hate-filled asshole but most people recognize him for what he is, just due to the sheer depths of his wacked-out behavior. He’s caused pain, but has few believers.

Well, OK, a freebie death punch would probably be better aimed in this world, but that was my first instinct.

Dr. James Dobson.

Adam Sandler.

When was the last time she said anything outrageous?

My sister.

OK, why?