If you posted in code, would anyone know?

Being only a recently devoted sign-up, some thing really annoying is getting hidden-type data over posts everyday. Come on! Strange damn message board – now every week threads have real extra added data. Purposely hyped protocol?? Anyway, can tinkering in our newsgroups = nebulous evasive weirdos typing hidden responses, evading authorities detection And forming orders regarding unknown minions in disguise ??

For whom is this equal? This is equal for no one!

The dolphins are in the jacuzzi .

Yeah! And Biwachd, Pudge!

Boards u straight dope.
CoS dmb new thread.
Action new thread
A forum id??

Fwite Tie fno

Maybe I shouldn’t have decoded the last line?

Well, I don’t understand the last line, but you made one mistake. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t the second sentence be “Come on man!”?

-The pearl is in ze river!

File: \zipfiles\achron4.zip

  0      4D5A9000 03000000 04000000 FFFF0000   MZ..............
 10      B8000000 00000000 40000000 00000000   ........@.......
 20      00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000   ................
 30      00000000 00000000 00000000 80000000   ................
 40      0E1FBA0E 00B409CD 21B8014C CD215468   ........!..L.!Th
 50      69732070 726F6772 616D2063 616E6E6F   is program canno
 60      74206265 2072756E 20696E20 444F5320   t be run in DOS
 70      6D6F6465 2E0D0D0A 24000000 00000000   mode....$.......

if same persited- could nothing happen. regretfully happened tommorrow. if no how?


apparently not

GS/ED d-(+) s:- a- C+++> U P+ L E? W++>+++ N+ o? K w— O? M++ V?
PS+(-) PE+ Y+ PGP- t++ 5- X+ R-
tv+ b+ DI++ D+ G e++* h+ r–* y+

//CLNRNHSE JOB (3M5V31,3177),‘Ray’,
/OUTPUT RPT F=1901,C=STD8,T=GT10,N=01,B=Y,D=(N2.U335,R99)


Epft uijt nblf tfotf up zpv?

Narble snarf weeble.

I think that about sums it up.

That’s some fine looking JCL there, Tristan.

Why thank you Smack, although to be honest, it’s not mine. I cribbed it from a library that’s sitting in the Mainframe collecting dust.

I can troubleshoot it, especially if I can J-Scan or jem the job, and help with abends, but when it comes to coding JCL or JES from scratch, its’ a little out of my league.

Of course now, I’m a batch cycle monitor, so I just call the SE’s and they do it… heheheheh
and that’s another sort of code… Geek-speak…

Dammit Tristan, you stole my idea…

what is this about?
odd words?
unreasonable sentence structure?
lost keys?
doubtful concepts?
** **
and who could break a code!
nobody, that’s who!
you? Hah!
one would have to be psychic!
not a soul can break a code!
every code is locked in enigma!
** **
kow what? I’m having second thoughts.
now I think any code can be broken.
only one person need leak the secret.
why oh why this betrayal

Close enough. I was going for http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/newthread.php?action=newthread&forumid=4

“Come on man” was better, and of course I ran out of ideas for that second equal sign…

Nice try jmullaney, but you’ve got a long way to go before you can top this guy.

   nobody_knows = 1;
   for(x=0; x<PEOPLE_READING_THIS; x++)
         printf("Someone knows!
         nobody_knows = 0;

      printf("Nobody knows... phew!