If you saw Scrooged in the movie theatre...

…did any of the theatre audience sing, at the end, when Bill Murray was telling them how and when to sing?

Not that I recall.

Not here, nope.


I wonder if there was a audience theatre on earth that did.

…raises hand.
Our audience did. It was a pretty full theater. I remember people were in the aisles because we had all started walking out when Bill Murray came on and demanded we sing. We stayed and sang. Except my dad… he doesn’t sing.

I don’t remember singing, and I’m sure my girlfriend didn’t, but I can’t say for sure if the audience as a whole did or not. It was twenty years ago, and I’m sure we were stoned at the time.

I knew there had to be at least one.
Well, I was hoping, anyway.

Yeah, I think we did. I was with a young lady and we were in a festive mood and I’m pretty sure we both sang when we were told to.

Nope. There was just the usual march for the exits.

I didn’t see it in the theatre, but I occasionally kinda mumble-sing when it’s on TV.

Yes, I think I recall some people singing.

I don’t remember anyone singing. Then again, I don’t remember Bill Murray urging us to.

Do you know, this is why I love the Straight Dope folks: they ask all the questions I’ve been wondering about, yet never thought to ask.

BTW: I sang along at home.