If you think cats are weird....

Weird? You want weird? Try goats.

We have pygmy goats at the barn where I board my horse. The y wander freely during the day and get into everything. They’re utterly useless, frequently annoying, and quite amusing.

They stare at you. With those weird goatly eyes.

They get into all sorts of places in search of food, sunshine, and attention.

In winter no less than summer, they’re always puttering around.

They like to think they’re supervisors on barn projects.

They have their own little house, but they prefer to hang out in the horses’ stalls.

And they sit like dogs, wherever they please.

Sometimes they even wear jackets .

Yeah, goats are weird.

Yeah, they are weird, but they can beSOOO cute

I was just going to ask for baby goat pics! ETF, you got any?

HEY - this isn’t a shopping thread, lady! :smiley:

I LOVE goats - I always try to go to the state fair late enough to see them. If I ever get a horse (crosses fingers!), I’ll have at least one goat for companionship. Plus, they’re friggin’ adorable!

Then, of course, there are the fainting goats. These guys started out as a mutation which obviously wouldn’t fly in the wild. Now there are like a quarter million of the darned things, which makes them the only animal that owes their entire existence to being funny. I want one of these so badly–they’re the perfect pet for stoners; “Dude, let’s go out and scare the goat, huh huh huh!” As a side effect, they tend to run about 40% heavier than equivalent non fainting goat breeds due to the muscle mass built up by the myotonic spasms, so after they grow up and are harder to scare they also bring a good little bonus when you sell 'em off for meat.

My bigass 135 lb Malemute got knocked on her butt three times running by the neighbor’s pygmy nanny. When the dawg gets excited she tends to rear up on her hind legs and jump around, which of course is interpreted as agression by a goat. So there she was, leaping and hopping, and the goat reared up and biffed her right in the breadbasket, knocking her ass over teakettle. After the third time I just took her home, disgusted at the idea of a carnivore being spanked by food… But it was totally hilarious, and she did look ashamed of herself for falling for the same move over and over…

When I was young I had pet goats. One of them I raised on a bottle after his mother abandoned him; his name was Billy the Kid. Everyone who has raised goats has named one Billy the Kid at some point. It’s like a law.

Billy thought he was a dog. Except when he thought he was a person. One day my dad left his beer bottle in the garage while he went inside for something or other. When he came back out Billy was there, holding the bottle in his mouth, with his head tipped back and chugging away. He finished it off, turned his head, saw dad, dropped the bottle and scampered off.

Billy liked riding in the rowboat, too. He’d stand up in the bow (prow? whichever is the front) waggling his tail and doing his best impression of Washington crossing the Delaware, while my sister and I rowed all over the lake. He disappeared one day. We think he got stolen; he loved riding in cars and we believe someone stopped, opened their car door, and he hopped in.

Someday I’ll have goats again. They’re such characters, and so much fun to play with. Plus they have the cutest babies on the planet.

Alas, no pix of our goats when they were young, cute as all get-out, and (pre-altering) quite stinky.

Perhaps it’s unkind of me, but I find it invariably hilarious to watch our fat little goats run, especially from behind.