If you use Juno, or are concerned with users rights.

Please check this link Peer to Peer networkings darkside, Juno’s new terms of service.

Nice and twisted isn’t it. Not only do you give up the right to run the P2P programs you want, you have to run the computer as they decide. And all the liabilies are on your head, never mind what they do. I don’t think this will stand up in court, but still is dangerous precedent. What are your thoughts?

(Can’t help myself…All your CPU’s are belong to Juno.)

Yeah, the new T&C’s went into force back in January, but were only publicised on the 18th of February. I resigned my JunoWeb account, but still hold my email account with them (hey, the price is right, and the T&C’s are less onerous).

Well, Juno user here, and so far they haven’t asked ME to download or upload anything, or to leave my computer turned on all the time. Maybe it’s only going to be real-life applicable to corporate users, not Mom in the dining room reading her e-mail.

And anyway, I don’t see what I can do about it, other than cancel Juno. Which I don’t wanna do, 'cause it’s a lot cheaper and no suckier than AOL.

It looks to me like they can’t upload or download anything unless my computer is turned on. I don’t really mind the idea of them using part of my CPU to do whatever it is they wanna do. Evidently it’s something that’s going to help them keep afloat, pay their bills, and I’m all for that. I don’t really want to have to go to MSN or AOL.

The only thing that would really bug me would be the part about leaving the computer turned on all the time, so they can do their data retrieval thingie whenever they feel like it, and if it did come down to that, then yeah, that would feel like an invasion of privacy, and I would probably cancel Juno.

And I predict that it won’t last long, anyway–I think they’ll get a lot of cancellations and they’ll have to drop it.

Ex Juno User here, my main grip was that when I checked my mail via website, the page refeshes 30-50 times before my inbox came up, new ad exposure every time. This struck me as “milking” the ad exposures of their advertising customers so I stopped using my email account not long after I got DSL via another provider.