If you wear a bra, how do you put it on?

Somewhat inspired by the men’s underwear thread, here’s one for the ladies (and drag-queens): are you dexterous enough to clip your bra on by reaching behind you, or do you have to do it from the front?

I was a late bloomer and I have a terrible time reaching behind myself (dunno if it’s just because I have short arms or because I’m not very flexible), so I’ve always put the bra on with the clips facing forward, then turning it around to lift the shoulder straps up.

I’ve been told by a bra fitter that if it’s loose enough to hook at the front, then slide round to the back, then it’s too loose. I dutifully dislocate my arms and hook it at the back on the tightest hook I can reach…

So. Why don’t more bra’s have a front fastener? :stuck_out_tongue: I had a wonderbra as a teen that clicked between the boobs - it was perfectly comfy and ruined at least one teenage boy’s plans for the evening!

I’ve never heard that about it being too loose if you can slide it around back. I mean, it doesn’t have to be “loose” to slide it. I feel like I’m stretching it out when I try to hook it in back.

I clip and turn

I always put mine on upside down, reach back, button it and the flip it right side up, putting my arms through then. I can’t imagine doing it in the front. It’s not THAT hard to do back there XD

I wouldn’t have a hope in hell of turning my bra after putting it on backwards. I guess it’s a boob size issue.

Sweet Lordy, I usually like to breathe while I’m wearing a bra. Isn’t that why most bras have lycra in the band? If I were to clip it that tight, it’d bite into my skin, leaving an angry red ditch, and that wouldn’t feel right at all. What century is that sadistic bra fitter from, anyway?

I voted clip and turn. At my age, the girls won’t stay holstered until the bra is secure, if you know what I mean.

I put my arms in, bend over a bit to let gravity help me situate my boobs in the cups, and then hook in the back. When I was young enough that I was still perfecting my system, I tried the hook in front and turn it around method, but that chafes a lot! If I lose enough mobility to be unable to hook in the back, I’ll switch to front closures.

I do what Lacunae says. I was told to do it that way, so I do.

I picked “throw the whole thing over my head” because I use these (one of the best things I’ve ever bought. seriously) and you have to when you do. Well, some women don’t understand and complain that they’re impossible to fasten, but the vast majority figure it out.

Back fasteners usually have three or more positions, so that as the elastic loses its stretchiness, you can go to the next tighter setting. Front fasteners usually have the one setting, which means that the bra won’t last as long.

I’ve seen lots of bras with front fasteners. I’m not sure if they’re that viable for those who need serious support, though.

ETA: I’ve also had them come undone up front; it’s only the one little twisty-plastic thing, usually, and often that…kinda gets untwisted if you’re moving around a lot.
Or if the girls are.

Like everyone else, one leg at a time.

I voted other, since I only buy front fasteners. My front fasteners are industrial strength and do, indeed, have two long rows of hooks. Hideously ugly, though.

I do the clip-and-turn. I don’t think I could reach the other way.

I wonder if there’s a correlation between boob size and methodology?

I have a front-fasten kind. It makes it soo much easier!


I put my bra on like a shirt. I usually fasten it on the middle or the tightest hook, pull it over my head and below my boobs, then put my arms through the straps.

I’m an A cup which probably makes this easier/doesn’t completely stretch the bra out.

DD cup. I’d probably strangle myself if I attempted this method. :smiley:

I put the shoulder straps on, boobs in the cups, then reach up my back and clip it. My husband watched me do this one day and commented on how flexible my shoulders were. I suppose the only reason they are that flexible is because I put my bra on like this.