If you were arrested for a high-profile crime, what about you would the media have a field day with?

Okay, I realized this is probably too soon given the Aurora shootings, but it popped into my head so I figured I’d share it. Let me tone it down a bit in the interests of taste, though.

Suppose you were arrested for some sort of high-profile crime (let’s even say you didn’t do it, but evidence points strongly at you anyway). The kind of crime that gets on the news all over the country. So naturally the media is going to be digging into your life to try to come up with “justification” for why you did it. And as usual, they will probably get it wrong by settling on some irrelevant part of your life (like the fact that you favor black trench coats, or you have an extensive death-metal collection).

For me, it would be my large collection of roleplaying games, including things like Shadowrun (which is a game that involves magic, big guns, a dystopian near-future society, and a generally pretty nihilistic attitude about the world), my collection of pointy things (fantasy swords and daggers), my MMORPG habits (WoW, SWTOR, and The Secret World, which obviously make me a loner with no friends who spends my time coming up with ways to kill people), and almost certainly the fact that I write fiction that includes some pretty gory and violent stuff.

How about you?

I work in the financial services industry.

That my ancestors were probably blood thirsty Aztecs.

Crazed vet with PTSD.

I don’t have it btw.

I own multiple firearms, thus I have “an arsenal with thousands of rounds”, and one of them is a 10mm loaded with hollow-point ammunition, thus I have “a powerful weapon which proves that I wanted to kill someone”.

Lest you think I am kidding about the second one, look up “Harold Fish”. I’d link to it myself but an iPad is useless for citations.

Not roleplaying games, but my extensive collection of violent video games, movies, and TV shows.

I’m that nice, quiet guy who lives next door and never causes any trouble. Always willing to help out the neighbors, family man, mows his lawn and…

Shit! I should just turn myself in now.

World’s most eligible bachelor indited for…

Well, the media gets everything wrong, why not my description too?

That I once worked for a US intelligence agency.

Probably my psych history. Honestly they’d be too busy having a field day with the rest of my family to focus on the comparatively boring me.

So much to choose from:

  1. Quiet, keeps to self
  2. Pagan
  3. Plays RPGs, MMORPGs, etc.
  4. Unpopular/bullied in school as a child
  5. Not on Facebook

That I saw a psychologist in the past [dealing with grief issues after losing my daughter covienently redacted by the media]

Huh. Either the history of mental illness, or the fact that I’m a full-grown woman who hasn’t shaved her legs in 4 years.

That I’m quiet, shy, and semi-reclusive, I’m sure will be made much of. Apparently, it means you’re weird now, judging by the reports on James Holmes.

Also that I’m estranged from several members of my family. Of course, they won’t report that the people I’m estranged from are assholes or perverts- I’ll be made to look like the asshole.

Hmm. Good question. I’d say probably the prostitutes I have buried underneath my floorboards.

They might have a field day with the fact that I don’t have a Facebook account.

I have a Colombian wife… and everybody knows that means there must be a drug connection. :rolleyes:

That I am the quiet, really smart guy, but don’t have many close friends. The neighbors would say that I keep to myself. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

that i post on the sdmb?!

Ooh ooh, yes, mental illness. That dastardly Malleus has been on heavy psychiatric medication for years, and yet no one stopped her from _____. (Because a person with anxiety and depression is totally the same as a paranoid schizophrenic who’s been off her meds for a while).

And she’s never had any kind of romantic relationship. As far as we know, she hasn’t even even gone on a date. Clearly she blew her stack because of all those repressed sexual desires.

And she spends way too much time with her cats. She talks to them with actual cat noises. She certainly seems to care more about them than she does about the humans she knows.

Clearly, Malleus is a sick, sad individual.

That I served as an SDMB moderator for 3+ years.

Guess I will have finally snapped.

Are you kidding? If you ever go postal, the first thing the media will latch on to, is how it’s really the lion’s fault for biting you that time!