If you were arrested for a high-profile crime, what about you would the media have a field day with?

Shit, what wouldn’t they have a field day with? Mid 40s, never married, professionally unemployed, living with elderly parent, clinically depressed, autism spectrum, collects weird old stuff, gigs of pix of barefoot women…honestly, I’m a human time bomb, except that I hate all weapons and explosives.

Eh, pretty much anything can be a weapon with a little creativity. Particularly had tools – may I suggest pipe wrenches, chain saws, and power drills?

I grew up in the same city as two of my cousins, so I’m close to them despite the large age difference. The youngest is a girl and 12 years younger than me, and she’s just turned 14. There’s a yearly tournament held in the city that I’ve since moved to, and she’s played in it for the last several years. I’ve attended three years running. I can only imagine how somebody could spin that if they really wanted to.

You’re right!

updates list of excuses

not that I’m planning anything I’ll need excuses for, honest

The BDSM, without question.

You had me at LARPer.

I work with those horribly vicious pit bull dogs.

I was going to say, “oh nothing, really.”. Then I looked at my screensaver, my iPhone, the stuffed animal across the room, the makeup mirror in my bag.

I would be the Hello Kitty Killer. :frowning:

That’s pretty much me there as well. Plus I am a former US Army Paratrooper, so you know that just makes me some kind of highly trained combat expert.

And of course…

I’ve always said that a LARP would be an excellent place for a mass murder. The screaming, the blood…that’s what we do anyway. I don’t know how long it would take for somebody to notice that it was real.

Probably all the intricately simulated WMDs I’ve built [for my flight sim], or the weird fanfic.

…or, really, all the threads I’ve started on the SDMB. Jeez, looking at them now, even I’M creeped out. Y’all really put up with me?

Has participated in gatherings known as Left Coast Crime. (It’s a mystery fan convention.)

I want my seat facing ahead, please.

Ownership of sharp weapons (kitchen knives; a set of chinese swords which don’t pretend to be anything but Made in China, one of which can only be used as a club because the wood sort of inflated during the time I lived 2 blocks from the Delaware; a very small dagger with a very-damaged handle).

Used to belong to the South Florida Renaissance Society.

MMORPGs, Diablo prove violent nature. Civ, Alpha Centauri and so forth would be used as evidence of “plotting to take over the world”.

IT person. Everybody knows we’re all hackers. Or is it crackers that are the bad ones nowadays? Anyway, bad people.

Ownership of plastic dice which do not have six-and-exactly-six sides. Ownership of several 6d with unusual sides (such as a goblin).

Moves frequently. Rarely stays long in a job. (I’m a consultant)

Chemical Engineer. Yep, I know how to make things go BOOM. In fact, I’d say about half of my college courses were dedicated to “how to do [this] without causing an explosion”.

Basque. Well, Navarrese, let’s not go into definitions. They’d probably drag out both my Carlista (which would likely be called Fascistas, sigh) and Anarquista ancestors.

If the double post was intentional, brilliantly played. If not, well. . .

Librarian. Quiet, keep to myself. Keep the curtains drawn.

I walk a lot. I can hear the neighbors “we used to see her just walking and walking, all the time. Always alone…”

Most (though not all, thank goodness) of my social interaction is online.

I have a set of Cards Against Humanity.

Live by myself with a bunch of animals on a farm. Who knows what (or who???) I have stashed away in my wracketty old barn that’s not visible from the road…

I suspect they would make a big deal about my heavy involvement in church leadership, [del]and the bodies buried in the backyard[/del].

My library book history and my Stephen King collection.

I clicked the link, then found their website. I will very soon (as soon as they’re back in stock) have a set of these. :smiley: