If you were the opposite sex, what would you wear?

I think I’d be a sweater guy. Casual sweater, jeans, hiking boots or casual shoes (no athletic shoes unless participating in sports), and boxer briefs.

Something real slutty.

If I were the opposite sex, it’d be none of your damn business what I wear, or how much I paid for it, thank you very much. :smiley:

[sub]does this post make my ass look fat?[/sub]

errr, I dunno if I’d do that- a few months ago I was being hit on and harassed by a drunk older woman and it kind of made me think about what a lot of women have to put up with (with rude guys). So I don’t think I would dress in such a way that would encourage people like that.

If I were a girl, I don’t think I would enjoy wearing a bra. Tight/constrictive garmets drive me nuts; I can’t stand having something more than loosely touching against my skin clothing wise. The concept of thongs is nuts. Having my underwear accidentally ride up my butt is annoying and uncomfortable enough- I would never willingly subject myself to that torture.

A wife-beater, black boots, jeans, and a flannel for casual. On work days, I’d probably wear dockers and sweaters mostly. And I’d have long hair and a beard. And an earring. I’d wear a watch, but no necklaces…ever. I’d keep hat wearing to a minimum.

I’d wear those longish tighty-whities (I forget what they’re called). And socks would most likely be white cotton.

I guess I’d probably dress the same as I do now. Shirt, pants, jacket. Nothing fancy. I’d definitely dress up for special occasions; I think women have a lot more versatility in formal dress than men do. At least for things like Proms they did.

At my prom, not surprisngly, all the guys wore tuxexoes. I tried to be as unique as possible by getting a tuxedo with tails and wearing white gloves (turned out I had the only tux with tails :smiley: ) but still all the guys looked like penguins. At least the girls could find something a little more personalized.

So, are you thinking, Gal for a Day, with a full closet of stuff to try out, or are you thinking, more of a long-term switch here?

Short term: Exactly what I wear now (not including underwear).

Long term: I’d experiment with skirts, dresses and women’s shoes, but if it turns out to be a pain, forget it. I know plenty of women here at work whose idea of business dress is slacks, shirt & sensible shoes, just like I wear now.

'course, then there’s that underwear issue again…

and, as Dignan hinted, Halloween would take on new meaning…

The same exact thing I wear now, T-shirts and Levis. I’d probably wear the Levis a little tighter though. I guess I’d wear a bra too.


I’d also be a slut.

G-strings and tank tops!

Even to a formal dinner!

Casual wear: Black courderoy pants, silk button up shirt, wing-tips and a trenchcoat

Formal: See above, include tie.

One thing that has bothered me for years is, as a guy, I have very little choice in different types of styles and clothing compared with women.

However, being a man who likes to look at women and knowing my own tastes, I think I can be pretty sure how I would dress.

Assuming this is a night on the town …

Nice, fashionable boots and shoes.

Stylish shirts.

Leather coats/jackets.

Leather/vinyl pants.

No real big leap here, since I tend to dress close to this already (though since my back injury I’ve put on too much weight to fit into my leather pants).

Also, my wife dresses close to this when outing, and I thank her very much.


Those are boxer briefs.

But hillbilly queen, I am the opposite sex.

Probably similar to what I wear now… jeans, dressy shoes, those dragon shirts over tee’s, an earring. Shortish hair slightly spiked. Boxers.

Actually I much prefer mens clothes and wear these things anyway (only womens dressy shoes, and instead of tee’s spaghetti tanks… boxers are comfy… I need to buy another pair otherwise I usually wear thongs anyway (which I like too for some strange reason)

Steal my joke, willya? Why, I oughta . . .

Of course I’m assuming I’m a good looking female and not just a carbon-copy of myself with the necessary bits, that would be frightening…
Although come to think of it, I’d probably still dress as I said above.

Jeans and T-shirts, sneaks, fleece jacket… pretty much what I wear now. Minus the bra - I’d like to think as a man I wouldn’t need it.

Large purple, fur hat. 70’s vintage Angel Flight liesure suits with 2 foot wide lapels, in pastel colors mostly. Oversize novelty automobile manufacturers emblems hanging from 1 inch thick gold rope. 9 inch tall florescent orange platform telephone line-man boots. 4 rings minimum on each finger (thumbs included). Feather boa. And I’d carry a walking stick.

Oh, I thought this was the “What would you wear if you were a Pimp” thread! Damn!

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

A jock strap. Those are sexy.

I’d go for the Saturday morning in Kmart look. Big ol’ caftan or muumuu, fuzzy pink mules, my hair in curlers and a huge, huge canvas handbag.