If you wish to be withdra wn from our - l-i- s-t,

the scumbag spammer send me this spam with the following removal instruction:

If you wish to be withdra wn from our - l-i- s-t,
ple ase email kate84@stepmail.com

What a F$#@en @$$#*!{. Spam I can begrudgingly accept but this makes me what to hunt this person down and (well lets not go there).
I would ask you waht spam filter rules you have and was going to post mine but I can’t copy and paste the whole thing and it’s unfair to ask you to do the same.

So Instead I ask what is the method you use in catching spam. I browse the spam email and look for common words that are unlikely to be used in normal email - for the above one I used ‘if you wish to be’. About 1/2 are focused on the removal line the rest on stuff like ‘money back garrentty’ (I know I misspelled that but you get the idea)

What methods do you use to block spam?

I have my “real” address, supplied by my internet provider, which only friends, relatives and co-workers have, and I created a hotmail address which I use for everyting else (including my SDMB profile). I apply whatever spam-blocking mechanisms hotmail has in place, and just delete whatever gets through. For the most part, I supply a fake address whenever possible (I’m not sure who has bryan@hotmail.com, but he’s sure getting a lot of mail meant for me).

see if your isp will install this:

Oh yeah, I feel really sorry for poor JoeBlow@hotmail.com. If he ever finds me out, I’m in big trouble.

To be nice, I think I’ll start typing “qwecfhuiopnj@hotmail.com” or something else bogus and suitably unique, when the situation warrants.

I use the same tactic as Bryan does: I have a seperate Hotmail account just for spam. I’ve been using this system for over seven years, and up until last month I’ve never gotten a single spam message. Just recently , though, I’ve started to get daily spam sent to my real email addy.


I have no idea how my real address got on a spam list, as I only give it out to actual people. I have a couple of rules that focus on the removal line, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

Worse yet, I regularly get spam in Korean! I don’t speak Korean, have no connection to or anything but a passing interest in Korea, and the last time I used the address it’s being sent to regularly, it was on a miniatures mailing list.

How can I block it if I can’t read the senders’ address or domain?!

Could be one of the actual people unwittingly gave your email to the spammers. Has anyone ever sent you an e-card, CrushLink, one of those “email this to a friend!” notes or anything like that? That will do it.

Anyway, aside from my ISP’s server-side spam filters, I also filter out anything where the “To:” or “CC:” lines don’t contain my address. I don’t know how it gets to me if my address isn’t in the header, but it seems that spam is generally like that.

Your address could have been in the BCC: field. BCC addresses do not appear to the recipient. BCC stands for “Blind Carbon Copy”, the anonymous version of CC, “Carbon Copy”. This shows, among other things, how long these abbreviations have been around…

I have a separate subdomain of my main domain set up, and have it set to accept any recipient at that subdomain. My main domain is fathom.org, the subdomain is opalspam.fathom.org. When I go to a new site, I use a unique address. Say I go to SpamRUs.com, I’ll use spamrus@opalspam.fathom.org.

All mail to *@opalspam.fathom.org is sorted into its own folder and pretty much ignored. However, if I look at it and see mail addressed to somecompany@opalspam.fathom.org coming from Farm Porn Buffet, then I know that somecompany sold my address to Farm Porn Buffet. It is rather interesting to see which places are the worst, actually.

Can you tell us whose been the worst Opal?