If your facial cleanser says to tissue off, what do you specifically use to do so?

By tissue, I actually mean: tissue, cotton ball, cotton pad, whatever you use, I’m open to suggestions. I have a new cleanser that says to tissue off. First, I tried the Puffs Plus with Lotion that were nearby. I chose … poorly. They weren’t really absorbent and my face felt kind of greasy afterwards. Plus, the tissues were surprisingly rough. I’ve been using some cotton circles from Wal-Mart. They seem to absorb better, but they still feel rough on my face.

So what do you use that’s absorbent and doesn’t feel rough?

I just use a washcloth. Tissue seems to, well, disintegrate.

I use cotton circles too, though sometimes they’re a bit too absorbant.

I’m not surprised that tissues didn’t work well for you. Kleenex was first marketed for removing cold cream, but they learned that it worked much better as a disposable handkerchief, and the rest is history.

I use a damp washcloth. Works like a charm.

You’ll have to hunt around for cotton squares/circles that feel soft. I used to splurge for Shiseido and Shu Uemura squares, but they aren’t cheap. A warm, damp washcloth is probably the most economical option.

Depends on what’s available. I usually buy those pressed-cotton circles, but I don’t care enough to travel with them. If I don’t have them, I use soft paper hankies or soft toilet paper (mind you, there have been times/places where the kitchen paper was better than the hankies).

Do not use any that have lotion/aloe/whatever in them: their absorbance will be lower than that of their “dry” counterparts, pretty much by definition.

I finally updated my bathroom this year with all the little things that make my life easier.

The relevant update was a shelf with a couple dozen (NEW! SOFT!) facecloths and a small laundry basket on the floor under the sink. It’s convenient and I can’t believe I waited so long to do it :slight_smile:

Those little triangular makeup sponges are cheap and feel very nice on the face. I would think they’re worth a try.

Thank you so much for the replies! I was a bit worried that the answer might be somewhere around “damp washcloth”. While I appreciate that tip, it will have to wait until I am more ambulatory. The search continues for me (although I might look into the Shiseido ones next time I go to the right store). Mom will probably fall in love with the idea of a small laundry basket just for her washcloths near the sink. So a problem that wasn’t even mentioned was solved. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help!

Just have your dad skip you to the future. :wink: