If you're in a car crash

  1. Thank goodness for airbags!!!

I’m not going into details because I need to talk to a claims adjuster and all that, but yesterday I was involved in a car crash with another person. After my car stopped spinning I realized that I couldn’t breath and had to force myself to breath while crawling out of the passenger’s side. After walking around and being able to breath again…long story short, I was checked up by a couple of paramedics who asked me to breath in deep while they listened to stethoscopes. They told me I was probably OK and I could sign a form if I wanted rejecting an ambulance ride to the hospital. I’m unemployed and have no medical insurance so I signed the form.

Earlier I called home and my mother (who’s living with me to help take care of my disabled wife) came to check up on me. She insisted I go to a hospital and I said no until she said that my car insurance would pay. That’s when I went. It’s a good thing too because I was found to have a cracked sternum and three broken ribs on the right side. Also my right knee had swollen up and was/is very bruised. I had to go to another hospital and stay the night for observation that I didn’t bruise my lungs or heart.

My heart and lungs appear to be fine, but who knows when I would have found out about my cracked sternum and ribs if I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital.

So, if you get in a car wreck go to the hospital!


dang! I’m glad you did go eventually. Were you in much pain today? Did you still have trouble breathing?

Thank Goodness that your Mom checked into things!!! And I second the opinion… GET CHECKED OUT BY THE HOSPITAL. You don’t necessarily have to take an ambulance, but definately get yourself looked at!

The ambulance driver asked you to sign a form waiving their “ride?” sounds to me, just from what I read, that they were trying to cover their butts. I have been in a few accidents, and I didn’t ever have to sign any form. The ambulances just arrive whenever an accident occurs (usually), whether needed or not.!

Once I could breath again I’ve never had any trouble since. Although sometimes when the pain medication wears off it hurts to breath, but I don’t have any trouble doing it. Also, my pain is moderate when the pain med has kicked in, and can feel severe when it wears off.

My mom and the ambulance drivers weren’t sure if the ride would be covered by auto insurance, so she (my mom) drove me. The ambulance drivers said that since their brief check-up of me didn’t seem to indicate any serious or emergency situation then I could sign a denial form stating that I didn’t want to go. I guess if I seemed too seriously injured then I might not have had a choice.