If you're not raising a disabled child, shut the fuck up!

what racin chikki so delicately said :wink:

Just found out this morning that they lied to me and that we don’t get speech therapy for another 7 months. I’m pretty pissed off with this because they didn’t fucking tell me this 3 months ago. If I had known I was facing almost a year’s wait, I would have started with a private speechie then.

You just gotta love the logic of early intervention that starts so fucking late as to be useless. Let’s create a bigger fucking mess that could have been prevented in the first place by early help.

I knew I was going to post in here at some point. I was waiting till I was calm enough to do so. I’ve posted a number of times about my son who I am extremely proud of. Boyo is globally developmentally delayed. In appearance he is a very handsome young man. He walks with a bit of a gait, he speaks only a few words, but his laughter is totally contagious.

Over the past nine years I have had many many many, oh man too many people tell me how to raise him, what I am doing wrong, as opposed to possibly something I am doing right. I don’t push him hard enough, I push him too hard, I could go on and on forever.

I have a beautiful, intelligent little boy. Yes, the key words in that statement are “little boy”. He is, like every other 9 year old, a little boy. He plays with cars, loves music, and does all the things he physically can do. Saturday he did his first full somersault on his own at his gym class and boy did we party at the excitement of it all. He high fived everyone in the place.

What I care about is that I’m raising a child who is loving, cares about others, tries his best, is proud of his own accomplishments but most of all, he has self esteem.

I wish people would educate their children about the handicapped. I have one sister who has kids that are awesome with boyo and include him in games and play. The other sis, her kids, well they are not welcome in my home for the way they have treated my son. Their behaviour is shocking to me as my sister and I also had a brother who was very severely handicapped and in fact died of the complications. My parents would never have stood for us behaving like these two do.

I watch, with pain as my son watches out the window at the two little boys across the street who don’t include him in their play because he can’t speak but makes noises.

I watch, with pride as he helps someone on the school yard who has fallen and hurt themselves, knowing full well that, the same child wouldn’t help my child if he had fallen.

I don’t gives a shit whether a person is black, blue or pink, has glasses, braces or three eyes. They are all people. Sad but true, in this world, there is alot of misconception about people with disabilities.

Yes some people just want to help, but being critical of how anyone accomplishes something, that isnt helpful in my mind.

MaryAnn, there isnt a book in the world that will fully explain what its like to live with someone with a disability. Each disability is so completely different and each person with a disability is so completely different.

The fear and the pain is at times overwhelming but the happiness and laughter that goes along with those little things accomplished far overshadows the sadness.

Do what you do best, be a mom and live your life the way you see fit. You live with your child and know him best. And if he is as spunky as you are girl, he has a great start!

I am a parent of four reasonably normal kids. I don’t take well to anyone telling us how to raise them either.

I was paid very high compliment today by my friend, she asked if I would come to her school and speak to the students about what I do for a living at their career day. Perhaps I will be able to open the eyes of one child so that they might see past someone’s disability and see them as a person very much like themselves. I work for those people whom the world sees as “different” and they teach me as much as I teach them.

I grew up with step- brothers and nephews who were severely handicapped so my perception of disabled people is much different from many. So our house had a wheelchair ramp in front. Big deal. My brothers and nephews were just like me in almost every other way except one.

I am going to turn 35 in a few weeks and they won’t be here to help me celebrate. I get to hold my eight month old daughter on my lap as I type this one handed to a message board on an internet that my brothers never lived to see but would have loved.

They were better people than me.

We are judged here only as our thoughts become words.

Perhaps our words can lift the veil from people’s eyes so they can see what we do.

I will be thinking of the Boyo when I talk to these kids and also thinking of my friend Sue who has a great son who is being raised by a great mom.

You tell 'em.

Nobody should get away with that.
We all are experts of our own problems, but you are in command of yours. Go do what you want and brush off the comments like so many flys.

[[Do people really think I am fucking thrilled to drug my 7 yo?]]

Yeah, try telling anyone your kid is on Ritalin. The media love to act like we’re all dying to quickly “drug our kids into submission” because “they are a little hard to handle.” It is an agonizing decision for everyone who has had to make it. The fact is that my kid would not learn, would not have a normal social life, would not have a normal life at all without this drug. Yeah, so some kids are misdiagnosed and/or overmedicated. This constant message just adds to the stigma we feel. And deep inside - like most parents with kids who need drugs to function and thrive - I feel like a failure. I don’t need any more of this added judgment from others who don’t have a clue. Another interesting point here is that my second child has no problems at all. I realize that if I didn’t have a special needs child, I’d be one of those superior-acting, judgmental assholes, too, crediting myself and my own parenting for all my child’s successes.

Okay, I’m not raising any child, disabled or not. But I’m sick and tired of people telling me to do horrible things to my dog because, “It worked for my dog.”

This is as close to the issue as I can get to home (me) but my aunt has been rearing my cousin who is autistic for years and I can see her pain.

Everyone tells her what to do, what not to do and lucky them, they have no fucking idea of what her life is like. It’s very easy for them to say, “try this, do that” and not have to even remotely understand what his mind set is like.

I got bent out of shape when folks told me to train my dog with a choke chain because she (my dog) just wouldn’t “learn” to walk “correctly” on a lead… can you even imagine the shit my aunt has had to deal with? Everyone thinks they “know”. Everyone thinks they have the “solution”. Piss off!

You don’t KNOW! You don’t know my dog, you don’t know my cousin. I’m sorry if some get offended in this comparison but I’m doing my best. Just let alone. You don’t know unless you’ve been there.

You don’t know the delicacy of training an abused dog and you sure as shit don’t know how to help an autistic child. Suggestions are one thing but dictation is another; never dictate; you don’t know unless you’ve been there.

Sheesh! Nice of me to run a dog rant off on this! Sorry, but in a lot of ways, there is a parallel. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but don’t tell me about my dog either. And even though my family doesn’t read this, “STOP TELLING AUNT CHERYL WHAT TO DO!”

Okay, I’m out of here…

This came from another thread when I was trying to explain about a friend of mine that posts as LittlePotato and why she picked her name. The child I told you about above. She calls him her Little Potato.

This is a reply I got about it.

Now that’s a sick person that said that? This person knows nothing of my family or friends and Little Potato is a friend. I don’t even want to know how this person reacts to children or people with disibilities in her real life if this is how she is in cyper life.

My heart goes out to you with special children and the BS you must have to put up with.

There’s no point in dragging Diane’s name through the mud, Idnew.

[Sorry for the hijack]

What a dumbass!

YOU are the one who implied your friend called her son “Little Potato” because he is disabled.

Can’t you at least contain your stupidity to one thread?

Can you take your nonsense back to the thread specially opened for you?

FWIW I think calling a child with CP Little Potato is extremely disrespectful and not even remotely amusing.

Now fuck off. please

Diane works with disabled vets…they are ALL little potatoes! her check
from the government is from the BIG potato!

Even though I disagree with your identity, Idnew, Diane is still full of it and profits from the people that she “supposedly” represents. Where is your “c” number Diane?

I do volunteer work with the Administration here in Lake City, Florida and I cannot use the internet for personal use. After reading this thread, I asked my administrator about the possibilities of ANYONE using the internet for “kill-time” and she looked at me as if she could.!

You are full of shit Diane, and have evidently had alot of the posters fooled for a long time. Pay up baby, you are a LIAR…and a good one I might add. Is the northern VA so much different from the southern VA?

Anyone interested in contacting the VA administration in Lake City Fla, please e-mail me directly for the 800 #.
For those of you that don’t want to wait, the number is 1-800-308-8387 for your medication.

This is from me “and my little band of veterns” in another part of the world. We wear socks but our feet are still cold in the winter.

Do we all need to list ourselves and our SS#'s and give our birth certificates and our military history!

Just for the record, Look up ***DD214 Military Unit 2nd of the 32nd unit of 3rd Armored Division. Service in Korea in 1953 and again in West Germany in 1968 for PEACE time.!

Look up ***DD214 Ist Armored Division " Old Ironsides" .

Look up ***DD214 2nd Armored Division “Hell-on-wheels”.

Look up ***DD214 3rd Armored Division “Spear-Head”

“Spear-Head” 3rd Armor Division had unit citations in WWII and saw action in Suadia Ariba during Desert Storm.

My little band of vets say “fuck you”…Diane.

If you kill us…we will kill back…

I don’t say fuck you Diane. I’m totally confused. Nothing Diane has ever said has offended me.

If Diane is receiving a big cheque for her work with these people, then horray for her, I think it’s great. People who are caregivers are never paid what they are worth.

what part of fucking stupid dont u understand?

Back to the Springer thread, you dolts. And Rosie, don’t mess with CanadianSue, or you’ll be messing with me. Read Sue’s posts in this thread and elsewhere, THEN judge whether or not Sue deserves respect.

If you have any dignity in you, the answer is “FUCK YES”.

Rosie, you have crossed the line if you pick on Sue, she is one of the nicest sweetest people on this board, I have kept my mouth shut untill now, but I can’t do it much longer, I wish you and your inbred relatives and frieds would go back and crawl under the rock you came from and leave us the fuck alone!!! You have taken a good thread and turned it inot shit. You are lower than whale sputum and I think that I speak for everyone here in saying that you should leave us the fuck alone and go sort out your problems elsewhere, preferably at 5 paces with guns. I’ll put it in words that presumably even you could understand FUCK OFF NOW YOU ANNOYING SILLY COW!!!


I am so fucking mad at you I can’t even type straight

Calm down Odieman, this person is not worth your anger.
Anyone who would attack CanadianSue is obviously deranged or looking for attention.(Or should I say trawling for attention?) Maybe a little from Column A and a little from Column B.

Anyway. C-Sue doesn’t need us to protect her. She orders school children around every day. ::shudders::


Fucking Stupid = RosieWolf… yes they seem synonomous to me. Don’t you fucking dare think you will ever gain any respect from anyone by coming in to a thread where people are posting with intelligence and adding your gibberish.

You ain’t cutting it baby! Yes, I believe I totally understand the meaning of fucking stupid now!!

p.s. I’m sorry MaryAnne. I never would have guessed this would happen in this thread.

Rosiewad take your group of trolls and get off our board. You and your group have added nothing at all to this board. You come in and attack well-respected posters such as CanadianSue and Diane with your slack-jawed thoughtless drivel. I don’t know who pointed you in the direction of this board but I hope that they are satisfied with the results. You’ve caused nothing but disruption since your very first post. Why don’t you guys just start your own message board and leave the rest of us alone. The SD is not your type of community and we really don’t want to hear about your interbreeding family.
On the topic at hand, and I’m sorry MaryQ that I hijacked your thread for a moment, I’ve visited CanadianSue. I’ve seen with my own eyes how wonderful she is with her child. He is the most loving, caring little boyo you would ever want to meet. He wants to shake hands with everyone, and you know what? Most people will shake hands with him and smile at him. It is a wonderful sight to see, watching the two of them together.
Don’t let anyone tell you their perception of the right or wrong way to raise your child. Your love and devotion to your child will guide you in the right direction.