If you're thinking about try the drug 2 C - e, maybe you shouldn't

Story here.

1 dead, 10 hospitalized.

Seems it might not be the best idea to order some experimental hallucinogenics over the interwebs and hand them out to your friends.

Never heard of 2C-e, but I remember in college reading about 2C-B. Not that I ever had any access to it (might have tried it if I did), but I read one person comparing the pain of snorting it to “being kicked in the face by a psychedelic horse” and another saying it was like having red hot razors shoved up your nose.

Okay, here’s something strange. I know the phrase “being kicked in the face by a psychedelic horse” was used, word for word, since it stuck in my head. In fact, every once in a while it pops into my head for no reason at all.
Anyways, I just googled it, to see if it’s still there. It is (Search for “horse”). He ends his review with “That’s the straight dope”

I thought that was funny.

My experiences with 2C-B were fantastic and wholly pleasurable. It was gel caps, not powdered, and from a very reliable source. Buying something like that over the Internet seems like a form of natural selection.

Of those in my small sample group who have tried it there are mixed reactions. Some would not do it again. Some loved it. Nobody had a bad time tho.

Too late. Already tried it.

How big of a dose were they taking?

Yeah, when it first came out I was getting informational emails about it as something consider if a patient with an unknown toxic ingestion shows up in your ER.