"If you've forgotten then it can't have been important" Doesn't apply to me.

I forget important stuff just as easilly as trivial stuff.
Sometimes I forget the name of common objects… Like homer. “Let’s go to that… building where our beds and TV… is”

Me: It’s in the… the erm… the big thing that makes stuff not warm.

Me: Give me the sharp pointy thing over there."
Person: The knife?
Me: Duh.

Me: Hey you. Give this thing to the person who gave birth to us.
Sibling: Mom?

I also tend to make extensive use of the word thingamajig, and add random sounds to the end of it when I’m frustrated. I never heard this line until a few months ago, but since then, it seems like everyone’s using it on me. It’s just not true damnit!

My brain is conspiring against me.

I believe I have (at least) 2 kinds of memory storage: (1) Keep this handy because you’ll need it soon, and (2) You’ll never need this ever again.

So - I say to my brain, “Please put this important piece of information in storage area 1”. “OK - it’s done”, says the brain. But what has the bugger done? Put it in storage area 2. And probably had a good laugh at my expense.

This isn’t a recent phenomenon. I remember (surprisingly) the first time it happened. Must have been about 1975. One Sunday, I’d read that there was a particular radio programme (Morecambe & Wise - the UK’s finest ever comedic duo) on at 12.30. It was then about 12.15. But at 13.10, 10 minutes after the show finished, I realised that my effing brain had failed to remind me of it.