If zombies roamed the Earth...

I have a hypothetical question.

Let’s say zombies were indeed real. By zombies I mean the walking undead. A sort of parasite that takes over and tries to unleash itself on every human. Now, let’s say in this model example, you are in Anytown, USA. Here is the question: Where would you try to go, with the zombies closing in? The next question is more logic based: How long would you guess running water would last? And electricity? How long would YOU last? Discuss.

Get wet & get funk-y!
These boogers can’t swim.
So get a sailboard.
Lakes, large rivers & the Sea are all your friends.
Come ashore where & when it’s safe & convient.

Oh sure, these sorts of discussions can be hypothetical now, but if it weren’t for these brave folks , why, we may have to be all to familiar with survival techniques when encountering the undead.

ok…I have a question.

Assuming these aren’t some nuclear meltdown mutation zombies, but the virus type, I think one thing to consider would be whether you’d rather be bitten/turned by the zombie…or eaten by it?

Well, sometimes a human has been consumed by a crowd of zombies which just leaves disarticulated bones and scraps of flesh, precluding any possiblity of reanimation. However, the usual pattern of attack involves only partial flesh loss; if the victim of the attack dies quickly, he will revive in just a few minutes, causing the attacking zombie to shamble off in search of fresh prey and leaving the newly-revived human turned zombie to be fully mobile, if a bit uncoordinated.

I’d think that running water and electricity would last for several years, or even decades, in some areas, for example near a nuclear power plant. The plant has plenty of fuel for years, automatic mechanisms to keep everything running on its own, is self-powering, and has lots of redundancy built in, so it takes a couple of the same part breaking before anything bad happens. But in most areas, electricty would be gone within hours (I seem to recall that most zombie attacks have a rather chaotic effect that tends to down power lines), and, with no pumps to fill them, running water would cease as soon as the water towers emptied.

As far as whether I’d survive, I think that would depend a lot on where I happened to be when I found out about it. Top priorities are gun, shelter, food, and trusted company (probably in that order). You want to get as far away from anything that was a population center as possible, and roads are not likely to be useful for very long. I know how to sail (so if I happened to be near a harbor I’d have a very good chance) While I’m not trained in survivalism, I think I’d have a pretty good shot. I have fired both a handgun and a rifle before. I’m in good shape and my only major disability is my vision. I need my glasses, but not so much that I’m completely non-functional without them. Besides, if I lose the pair I have, I’m sure I can find somebody who won’t be needing theirs anymore.

I would get all my supplies from Walmart and boat out to an island at the lake and cook some burgers. :rolleyes:

Some friends of mine have a cabin up in Canada in the middle of God’s Country-- no one around for miles. It’s right on a lake, so there’d be plenty of water, and fish. No zombie would wander out that far in search of brains.

Luckily, I know how to do many things that modern Americans have forgotton: I can churn butter/make cheese, make soap, weave cloth, care for livestock, make candles, preserve meats and vegetables, and I even have a knowledge of herbs which can be used as medicines. In short, given basic resources like the lake, and shelter, I think I could survive pretty well.

Of course, I’d want to bring at least a couple of other adults with me and my husband, obviously people we could trust with our lives. I’d stock up on salt, whiskey, and ammunition. Whiskey because it would be a precious trade commodity, ammunition for obvious reasons, and salt because out lives would depend on it. We’d also need some good tools: a couple of axes, shovels, saws, etc.

In the best scenario, we’d be able to take some animals: grab several dogs, a cage full of chickens, a pig or two (if we could fit them in the truck) a couple of pregnant cows, and maybe a work horse.

Life would be hard, but I think we could make it.