Ignore list: What happened?

Did y’all disable this function too? Why?


Whaddaya mean? It still works. I just added you as a test (and now have to figure out how to UN-Ignore (since I have no intention of ignoring you for real, Quasi) )


Function has not been disabled to my knowledge.

Into the Twilight Zone, I mean. :smiley:

I could have sworn there used to be an ignore user “button” down there with all the others. (Profile, Search, www. etc.), but now it isn’t there anymore. Not on my page, anway.

I added Fenris as a Buddy. That worked fine, but I can’t ignore him, and wouldn’t anyway! :smiley:



Oh, Jeez! I just figured it out: You have to go to User CP and enter the name, right? :o

Old age. Gotta be.


Where the hell are my teeth??? :smiley:

Sorry, guys. Thanks for takin’ it easy on an old Codger!


You can also select a user’s “profile” button, then at the bottom of their profile, you’ll see an option to add that user to your ignore list.