Regarding Ignore Lists

If I’ve got X on my Ignore list, why am I still seeing a thread started by him?

I just noticed something. Crytoderk is banned. You see the word “Banned” under his name in his posts. However, in this forum below, there is a post started by him, but the word “banned” is not under his name.

Maybe, the ignore feature works the same way; it looks at and affects actual individual posts rather than threads.

P.S. Why are my quotes turning green? St. Paddy’s day was months ago.

There’s a lengthy discussion of how the “ignore” feature works on this recent thread: Does anyone here actually use the “Ignore List”?

If you open the thread, you will see his name on the OP, but the content is gone. The ignore list does not erase all evidence of X, which sort of defeats the intent, depending on your willpower.

Could you link? I’m not following exactly what you’re describing.

Look for the thread started by Crytoderk about 1/3 of the way down this page (About this Message Board). You’ll see his name and nothing about “banned” under it. Open the thread, you’ll see the word “banned” under his name.

I’m saying perhaps putting someone on ignore works the same way. You can still see threads they’ve started, by any individual posts you see as you read any thread will give you whatever message pops up for that person when you’ve put them on ignore.

I dunno about “Ignore” but I do know: the “table of contents” page for each forum doesn’t list the status of the person who started the thread, it just lists the name. BANNED is a status. Thus, the list on that page doesn’t show “Member” vs “Guest” either. Is that what you’re seeing, 5-4-Fighting?

When we ban returnees (and spammers), our goal is to delete any threads they started and any posts they’ve made. We want to erase their existence, and hope that they understand that will happen, and therefore don’t try to sneak back in again. When a member misbehaves enough for banning, we usually don’t try to erase their existence – we’re usually sorry that they couldn’t comply with our rules, and we give them every chance, and we really hope they’ll adapt – so the threads they started (and their posts) remain.

Yes, I was commenting on what I had just observed and the seeming similarity between the two (banned and ignored) visually. Based on what you’ve written, the “visual” appearance of both outcomes are similar.

I was in no way trying comment as an expert: that what each member’s $14.95 pays the mods to do.