Ignore feature question.


I have no knowledge about how the technical stuff behind this board works. But I have a question about the ignore feature.

If someone has me on ignore would they see a thread I start? Like the title of the thread in the forum it was in and the OP? Or would they see a title in a forum and then just see an OP that says “you have this person on ignore.” or whatever it says?

Would they even see a title at all?

I don’t have anyone on ignore and I was just wondering. No big deal. No hurries no worries.

Interesting question. I’ve never thought of that.

If memory serves, you see the threads ignored posters start, but don’t get preview text if you mouse over the title.

You can see if they started a thread on the main forum page. If you click on it, you don’t see the OP. You just get the notice that the poster is on your ignore list. If you’re interested in what they said, though, you can click on “Read this post.”

Thanks everybody.

The Ignore feature works better if you use Tapatalk. If you have someone on Ignore, their posts don’t appear in any way. You don’t get that blank one with the message “this poster is on Ignore”.

Even if they start a new thread, the OP doesn’t show.

Ah good to know. Thank you.

IIRC - and it’s been a while - you see the title and the thread starter is listed as Ignored Member, as is the last poster, if relevant. There’s an extension to Chrome called Vbulletin Super Ignore (or similar) which excises the thread completely.

If other people reply to the thread, and they are not on your ignore list, you will be able to read their posts. Only the OP will show as being on your ignore list.

Just a suggestion for anyone without someone on their ignore list, and are curious what things look like:

Just put someone on your ignore list and take a look. It doesn’t send them a notice, it’s easy to reverse, and it doesn’t break anything.

I never knew about the “ignore” feature until now. But I’m lovin’ it.

Just remember that you can’t say who is on your ignore list except when you’re in the Pit. Mods will clear their throats at you if you do so in any of the other forums.

Nothing like a stern “Harrumph!” to ruin your day.

Next thing you know, you’ll be cut by the county.