If you "Ignore" a poster, do you see any threads they start in the forum list?

Pretty much the title has it. What happens if you’ve ignored the OP of a thread? Will it vanish completely from your views, or will you see it listed in those ‘recent posts’ lists, if the recent poster isn’t the person you ignored?

You still see posts started by someone on your ignore list in all thread listings. It doesn’t matter who (if anyone) has replied.

If you click on them, the OP will say “Ignored content”, and the only way to view it is to quote them.

Okay, I guess that makes sense. Thanks.

There is another way, and since you’re clearly a sophisticated user who appreciates sophisticated things :face_with_monocle:, I’ll show it to you. Copy-paste the URL, but replace the middle part with “raw” to see the raw version of any post:




And for the first post you can put /1 or the bare topic id of course, as you’d expect!