ignore me

I’m practicing




And a damn fine job you’re doing, too!

But…I didn’t ignore you…are there consequences?



Well I’m ignoring both S. B. and Fenris. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arnold…you know what the consequences are for a moderator who ignores Fenris!!! :smiley:

Ignoring this bunch is as easy as ignoring a Napoleonic sargent-at-arms during an infantry battle.

Welcome to the SDMB.

Is this the thread for blowing up a cat?

oh, guess not. G’bye.

Kind of hard to ignore someone named Susan Bananahands. :slight_smile:

I agree with wicked. When I saw your name I packed up laughing! What an excellent name lol,my son’s still bugging me to tell him what I’m laughing at!

I know this is officially the forum for practicing posts, sigs, smileys, and whatnot, but couldn’t people just post to a thread, then choose preview post and see what they’ve done? Same effect as an actual post, but it doesn’t go through. You can see if the smileys were accurately represented, if your links work, if your sig is there, etc…

Or maybe it’s just more fun to do it here, where we can actively not ignore the lovely, the talented Susan Bananahands!


We can’t ignore you. We are dedicated to the eradication of ingoring. :wink:

Great username, BTW!

[sub]Oh, crap! Read ignoring. [/sub]