Ignore this please.

Oops, wrong forum

Ok. Initializing ignore sequence. Ignoring… NOW!

I refuse to ignore this travesty.
I’m going to write my congressman.

Is this some kind of sociological experiment?

Ignore what? Oh, man… you got me!!

I think you’ve pegged it. I feel like a guinea pig.
What madness will we be subjected to next?

Ooooohhh…you’d like that…WOULD’NT YOU?!?


Don’t you tell me what to do! You’re not my real father!

I really want to know what this thread was originally about. Did Boyo Jim repost it? What thread and what forum? Why not just ask a mod to move it?

Ignore what? I didn’t see anything.

I am extremely ambivalent.

That’s like so not the magic word.

Jeez, half the time when I start a REAL thread I can’t even buy a reply.

OK, I’ll ignore it - I won’t even post a reply to tell you I’m ignoring it.

And I won’t post a reply expressing my gratitude to… who was that? I dunno, I’m not reading this.

You’ve been here long enough to know that we always do exactly the opposite of what we’re told to do. We’re like my 5-year-old nephew in that aspect.

You’re welcome, but I’m not posting here a second time.


Oh, I dunno…the OP seems kinda mundane and pointless to me.