Ignore this thread unless you want to know what you can do with a poll

I tried using preview but it won’t work, so it seems the only way I can find out how many options I can have with a poll is to post this.

Edit: and for anyone interested, years in the future maybe - if there is a limit it’s more than you could possibly need. I tried 3000 and it made that. Ten thousand seemed to crash things but I never saw anything saying it was a limit. So don’t worry, you can make the poll you want!

I think we’ve encountered mod disapproval in the past for polls that got to around 100 items, especially if they seemed frivolous. You’ll probably run into board policy before you run into a technically related wall.

I’ve decided the poll I was going to make was probably pointless anyway. It was to ask what drugs people had ever taken, and then I was going to write a little script to fill in a poll from a list I would find somewhere. But I don’t think it would have been very useful.

I’ve had a script for just about every drug I’ve taken.

Didn’t there used to be a relatively small limit? Like around twenty-five?

It’s yet another case where their rules have evolved into a situation which is objectively nonsensical. You can’t point out that someone is lying in GD, you can’t tell someone to fuck off in the Pit, but you can pen lengthy screeds about the inferiority of the Negro and Mongoloid races (seriously, how bizarre is that?) and ask black posters if they’ve ever raped anyone. Pick a lane, people: either you’re all about the free speech or you’re all about requiring people to express themselves in an inoffensive manner, but jumbling the two together just ends up looking crazy
One of the most ironic things about the Straight Dope is that for such a supposed bastion of free thought and free speech, by looking at it you can really get a glimpse of how religions get started, with an ossified, hidebound priesthood mumbling arcane rules and rituals that might have once had some utility but are now unthinkingly enforced simply because they are there.

You can’t talk about smoking weed long past anyone gives a shit about it because Discussing Current Drug Use is verboten. Ditto for file-sharing, and those rules might have made some sense back in 1996 when the internet was a lot wilder and woolier and they didn’t want every dropkick with a dialup connection dropping in to spark up a fat one and talk about where to steal Limp Bizkit albums. Now, though? Long, long outmoded.

Conversely, as an offshoot of an alternative newspaper they are stuck with a knee-jerk free speech policy which means that you can talk about the clear inferiority of thick-lipped mud-men: long as you avoid using specific words or combinations of words, you avoid the penalties, and that creates a haven for the rules lawyers O IT CANT BE HATE SPEECH COS HE DIDNT SAY NIGGER. They endlessly follow the form of the rules as first laid down, and forget the original function. It’s a religion.

Know what bugs me? People inserting lengthy rants into threads which have absolutely no connection with the subject of their diatribe.

Either you’re missing out, or you have the coolest doctor ever.

One (thankfully now ex-)mod once invented a rule specifically to target a poster he didn’t like. That “don’t post too many things in a poll because our members are teh stoopid and it’ll confuse them” rule was only used once that I’m aware of and there’re plenty of examples of very long polls that are just fine. Hell, there’s one with at least 50 options (I didn’t bother to count) that’s still active now: This one

So, while I’m not a mod, the weight of evidence suggests that a poll can be as long as you think necessary unless the ex-mod becomes a mod (again) and decides to get pissy, target you specifically for stuff that everyone else is allowed to do and makes up another rule out of nowhere.

No you can’t. That will get you banned.

But back to the OP

“I’m a Poll and so Can You” should have been your title.

Shame on everyone for missing out on that.