Is any discussion of illegal drugs now forbidden?

Or, why exactly was
this closed? As far as I could make out, the OP was only alluding to drug abuse problems in the world generally, and then inquiring into the differences in how people in the Western world regard pot as compared to those in India.

There was no mention of scoring, dealing, illegally using, or otherwise breaking the law. The OP was not posting stoned. What gives? I thought reasoned discussion about illegal drugs was OK here.

The OP was referred to “other internet sites”. But there’s a reason people come here with their questions, and that’s because everyone here’s so darned smart! :smiley: You have a much better chance of getting answers here, or at least getting some guidance to further information.

So what is the deal? I don’t usually question moderator decisions here, but this one kind of disturbs me.

It is pretty easy to get in trouble making any statement about drugs - ask Aussie senator Sandra Kanck.

Well, shit, she’s earned herself a new fan from across the Pacific. If I ever have Australian citizenship (not a totally far-off preposition you can bet she’ll be getting my vote, for standing up for realistic drug policy without being an overbearing asshole.

First the “Ask the self-injurer” thread, then the “Can just anyone buy an IV apparatus?” thread, and now this one. I am getting so sick of the uptight overbearing mods on this board. It’s really irking me lately. :mad:

I thought it was really interesting how pot plants are just growing wild in India, and their attitude towards it. I wanted to learn more about this. Then it was abruptly shut down.

Does this mean all the threads on gay marriage are going to be shut down? After all, it is illegal in 49 states, so any discussion of this topic is forbidden under the **SkipMagic ** Doctrine.

Yeah, it sure is crazy to think a thread that is about someone with an UNTREATED MEDICAL CONDITION WHO REFUSES TO SEE A DOCTOR can’t be shut down but this can.

You got a little smutz on your nose.

Thank you, SkipMagic, your zealous interpretation of board rules has saved us yet again from the possibly harmful exposure that discussion of illegal activities might entail.

Where would we be without you? (On a more grown-up board possibly?)

Actually, if someone wants to start a thread in GQ about whether pot is relatively safe, it ain’t any skin off my nose. But what led me to close that thread was the OP’s penultimate statement:

Some of you might give that more charitable viewing than I did, but I saw its inclusion as an indication that the OP wanted us to convince him to smoke pot; that is, less a journey to fight ignorance and more of a “Which drug should I use?”

But, again, if someone wants to ask a factual question about the possible health hazards (or lack thereof) of pot smoking, go for it. As far as I’m aware, there’s no rule against that. (And If I misunderstand, I’m sure the GQ mods will call me nasty names and chuckle as they line my toilet lids with toothpaste.)

Many mods are affected by a cognitive disorder in which they see the word “drug” and instantly they turn into fucking morons who cannot read. It’s never cured because moderator dumbfuckery is policed only by - you guessed it - the mods.

This thread closure was particularly inappropriate. The OP was mentioning about how weed grows wild in India, pondering why it isn’t more widely abused there, and asking about the effects. He did not discuss anything about breaking the law or providing information that would encourage or help anyone else break the law.

Nonetheless, the thread will not be opened, there will be no apology, and I’ll be surprised if there’s even a comment. Maybe if we’re very very lucky TubaDiva will drop in and remind us that talking about drugs is bad, mmmmkay, and imply that it’s the OP’s fault for not phrasing the post in a manner simple enough for a retarded child to understand, and encourage him to try it again in a new thread.

I just didn’t see it that way, though I appreciate the explanation. “If I did X, I would use Y” just doesn’t seem like a clear statement of intent. After all, it’s got a conditional clause and everything.

Well, I do think it was very wrong to close my thread, but hey they own it.

The main reasons its just growing wild is because

a) Its almost completely legal to do it. (but nobody does it)

b) Government here just does not have the funds to make roads much less to go around removing weed.

c) There is no “marijuana problem” here.

Hey! I was a ‘fucking moron’ before I saw the word “drug.” :slight_smile:
Since drug/medical threads DO get reopened from time-to-time, you’re incorrect. And as far as mods/Admins being the only check on our perceived abuses, incorrect again. That’s why we send around email to each other when members complain, asking if perhaps we were incorrect in shuting down a thread. Witness the reopening of the “ask the self-injurer thread.”

Color you surprised, as Skip posted his reasoning just above here. I’m quite sure you are correct about no reopening, but notice Skip suggested the OP could open a more focused thread in General Questions(which I would not shut down if it were phrased well and in a focused manner. ) I thought the OP was very poorly focused, as did Skip.

I shut down the “Can just anyone buy an IV apparatus” when the OP in that thread asked

. You got a problem with that?

But I don’t have a " General Question". I wanted other dopers’ thoughts and ideas. It didn’t have “Focus”, thats why I posted it in MPSIMS.

What you call focused, I take an ineffective attempt at censorship, and I’m not going to change my wording to suit your ideas. So thanks, but no thanks. I do respect your right to close whatever thread you want. Your justification is lousy though.

Badmash, how about you open an “Ask the Indian about Wild Weed” thread in GQ? You don’t have to ask a question, but you could answer ours about the noted phenomenon in your country, which myself and I’m sure many other Americans would find very interesting.

Oh give it a rest already. Jesus Christ. Ever think that maybe by keeping it open we can convince her to get help?


You gotta be fucking kidding me.

But god forbid anyone learn about national policy in other extremely high-populated and important nations, right?

Hey samclem, on the topic of the IV thread, maybe you could explain to me how it is that I’m “on thin ice.” If my post there was out of line then I’m sorry, but as far as I know that was my first warning.

No, what I think is that she’s a person with a medical condition who refuses to get help, and that giving her lots of pats on the back and attention and accolades for her bravery for glamorizing her story is pretty much the opposite of help. You want to help her? Call her parents and read them that thread. Oh, but that would take away from your ghoulish, disgusting entertainment in the thread disguised as a “learning opportunity” – one that could be had in many places, so it boils down to “I am a lazy fuck who can’t seek information out on my own”.

I also think she is very likely to be actively cutting now, despite her claims, because of how she talks about it. And spreading the idea that self-mutilation is something that can be self-treated is dangerous. Finally, it is nothing short of absurd that this particular thread where someone with an untreated medical condition openly states that they will not seek help is allowed to remain open, where so many others with even just a hint of potential trouble for the Reader are closed.

Why do you roll your eyes at these concerns? What the hell makes you think that some random collection of strangers on the internet validating her by interviewing her like some kind of rock star is the appropriate way to get her help? Is getting her help REALLY your concern? Is that truly your number-one priority? And do you honestly believe, if so, that that thread is the most efficient way for her to get help?