Ignoring money, education, skill what would your job be?

What is your absolute dream job that you would pursue if you didn’t have to worry about the education costs, how much money you’d make, or if you’re actually talented?

If you’re already living your dream job, fuck you. :wink: No seriously, please share. How did you end up there? Did it just fall in your lap? How did you come across it?
If I could do anything in the world I would actually own a floral shop. Kinda random, yes, but it’s something I wish I could do.

Mid range (but not famous, so still able to walk around w/o being noticed) musician. I wouldn’t want to do it forever though.

I would be a poet and, no, I wouldn’t care that NOBODY makes a living at poetry anymore.

Either science fiction writer or artist.

I actually have worked as a professional artist, and I actually have been published (non-fiction), so I have had an actual taste of my dream job(s), but I am not (yet) successful enough to make my living off either, or a combination of both.

But I keep trying.

  1. Astronaut
  2. Guitar legend
  3. Super hero

Since these haven’t worked out, I would balance aspirations with: a math teacher; who plays guitar in local bars; and teaches country blues under yet a third identity.

I’d need a pension - I’m working on that.

Archaeologist (I have my BA in it but didn’t go on with grad school)

Starting a big, non-profit healthcare ombudsman service.

Songwriter. Not a performer, though.

Film director, though (from what I’ve heard) I’d need money, education skill and stamina to be able to do it.

A writer of travel/history books.

I’m a videogame designer, which is pretty close to my dream job. I’d enjoy it more if I were a wealthy, famous videogame designer … .

I prepared for it my whole life AND it fell into my lap. As a kid I used to obsessively read rule books for fun. I’d pester my family to play boardgames with me, and when they refused I’d play them by myself. I coded my first game – a two-player tank combat – when I was in 8th grade. When I was in my 20’s I designed board games as a hobby.

However, I never try to break into the game industry. It was just a thing I did in my spare time for fun. But when I got out of grad school, my adviser recommended me for a programming job at a graphics company that was starting a game division. It turned out that I knew more about designing games than their original designer did … and next thing I knew, I was doing it full time … .

Surf the web for a living. Seriously. Runner-up would be reading for a living.

Can I make a living wasting my time on the Dope? If I can figure that out, I’m set!

Luthier. I would like to be a great guitar maker.

I love working with my hands, making things—I used to be a machinist, and I have a humble wood workshop in my basement.

And I love guitars and music.

Of course, that is ignoring money, education, and skill—I would need all three to make it as a luthier.


I’ve been a single parent for a long time and have worked full-time for years and years. I’m tired. I would love to be able to stay home and cook elaborate meals almost every night and take care of my family and my house and my pets. And take naps every day. Yeah, naps. At this point, that would be more valuable to me than any career success and more work.


Billionaire philanthropist by night; super-powered crime fighter later at night. Astronaut by day.

I have achieved one half of my dream (er, no word on the ‘‘dream job’’ part yet…but I definitely feel I’ve got the necessary education to do my dream job), but the other thing I would really like to do is be a successful novelist. I absolutely adore writing fiction. I still plan to get around to this eventually.

Train engineer.

I would be an astronomer. Carl Sagan is one of my heroes.

I would like to be someone who writes puzzles.

Writing and comedy.