What is your dream job?

Me? Running a pub that I own. Someday.


Editor in chief of a start-up gardening magazine.

We’re working on our ninth issue as we speak. :smiley:

Jeff Becks personnal and mechanical assitant and guitar tuner.

Broadway Diva and media darling :slight_smile:

Internet tester and chat partisipater.

Being the sex slave of Scarlett Johansson would suit me down to a “T”

Is that really a job?

Property Developer. Almost there. :slight_smile:

Pillow tester

Book reviewer



Never happen.

Lead guitarist

I sometimes feel embarrassed about posting to these threads.
But I can take it. :slight_smile:

17 years ago, I got offered a job teaching chess full-time at a private school in the UK. :smiley:
When I arrived, they gave me full independence (I reported directly to the Headmaster) and asked if I’d like to teach anything else. I chose some computing, so the pupils would see another side of me.
Then the sports department asked if I’d help out with the youngest non-team pupils. I ran touch rugby or used the fitness centre when wet.

(It gets more intense, so those of you with a nervous disposition should stop reading now :eek: )

The school also asked if I could run an activity - anything I was interested in. Would ‘strategy computer games’ be acceptable? Sure. :cool:
So I run classes in Heroes 3 and Civilisation. :smiley:
DId I mention I offered to do roleplaying at weekends? :o The school thought I was a hero to work such anti-social hours.

So that’s my job - chess, computer games, roleplaying and a little sport.
May you all be so lucky!

It doesn’t really sound like work, does it?

Well I’d work really hard, honestly

I realize that this will ruin any credibility I can ever hope to have at the Dope, but…
Porn Star.
Oh sure, I understand that it’d become just another chore after a while (“three women at once? Can’t a guy get a break?!”), but I’d suffer through the endless littany of sexual deviance (and occasional spot on Howard Stern’s radio show).

More realistically, I hope to one day retire to a life as a college professor (your job, as best as I can tell, is to read, write, research, and talk about topics you’re interested in).

Well, I’m assuming you don’t want to get paid, since you said “sex slave” instead of “prostitute.”

As for me, my dream job is being able to make a living at novel writing.

Program Director for Nick @ Nite

Oh sure, not right now. But let me tell you, that woman is demanding! Nothing’s ever good enough, and it takes up every second of your time. Oh, and you think you’re kinky? I can’t reveal all the details because of the non-disclosure agreement, but let’s just say that non of the Home Depots near her house ever had any hoses, plastic tarps, or riding lawnmowers in stock. :smiley:
Seriously though? Nothing. I would love to just get money and not have to do something for it. It actually weirds me out that some people out there enjoy working. :confused: I mean…why work, when I could not work?

Either medical examiner or research.

Anyone want to give me money for college?

I don’t think I’m kinky bouv I bloody well know I am. I’ve got a degree in kinkiness and a PHD in perversity, so there.

And yes I’d work for nothing, still a job, right?

Cruise Ship Reviewer!

Gotta go on every one ya know, every destination offered, at different times of year to get the full picture.

As I mentioned in the “what would you do with $57 billion” thread, Fire up a massive airmobile disaster relief team able to support the medical, food, shelter, communications, and security needs of thousands in natural disaster ravaged areas.

And I could take Scarlett on a cruise now and then to give Chowder a vacation.