I'll phase you but good if you don't stop that

You may remain unfazed by this. You may think I’m just going through a phase.

But it’s really starting to burn my butt to read so many people claiming that this or that allegedly startling event “did not phase” them, or, having landed unscathed, declaring that they have alighted “unphased”.

Gentlemen, phasers at ready.

Dictionary.com says

Synonym: daunted, or, for unfazed, undaunted.

Gentlement, phasers on stun.
Some things can be phased, most often without fazing them in the slightest.

But mostly unsettling occurrences or disruptions neither do so nor fail to do so in a comment-worthy manner. Whether you are daunted or undaunted by that which transpires, be it an unplanned accident or a deliberate attempt to disrupt, you are seldom phased when you are fazed, although I suppose you are generally unfazed whenever you are unphazed.

Except this time.

Gentlemen, fire at will.

'Bout time someone Pitted this one. I saw this again in an article I read somewhere yesterday, something supposedly written by a trained journalist.

Also, those of you who insist on applying your ‘breaks’ to stop your car, try using the brakes next time. Much more effective.

And “nonplussed” means bewildered, not “not bewildered”.

Well, all I can say is that it doesn’t jive with my understanding of the word.

But I suppose I’ll just have to except it.

Hey, who axed you? :smiley:

And for all intents and purposes, people who talk about all intensive purposes make me want to hit something.

People who use “affect” and “effect” incorrectly have no idea what a negative effect it has on others’ perception of their intelligence, and how that perception will affect them later.

:smack: Thanks for pointing this out Gigi . Big time offender here!!

Another little battle won in the war on ignorance

You’re embarassment must have phased you so much that you feel like your standing their butt naked.

Also, you really didn’t loose your keys, dammit, unless you set them free to roam in the wilds…

And you may be waiting with baited breath, but I honestly don’t want to read about your worm-eating tendencies.

Here, Here!

Now and days, people learn to spell by watching the TeeVee and listening to Hooked on Phonics anyways.

Owwwww- my eyes, my eyes!! Stop that!

It effects a singular affect, does it not?

This one most people probably don’t have to deal with much, but I hear it a lot at work: nothing is copywritten - it’s copyright, not copywrite. A work is therefore copyrighted.

Hitting something isn’t the answer. I suggest you try a different tact.

All of the things you’ve mentioned bug me alot. (I’m amazed at how many resonably intelligent people can’t get it through their thick skulls that there is no such word.)

And there is no such thing as a mute point.

You’re allotted one spelling eror per post.

People will continue to misuse these words, irregardless of how much we all complain.