Illegal drugs: an international comparison shopping

I’m helping a friend compile data for a report on illegal drug prices through time in America, and I was curious how illegal drug prices (particularly heroin, marijuana, and cocaine) on American streets today compare to their prices in western and central Europe. Does anybody happen to know of any studies or sites that have already researched this? (As said, I plan to research it myself, but as a timesaver was curious if anybody had the same interest.)

I would think that heroin would be cheaper in central Europe due to the Meditteranean trade routes, but the limited research I’ve done indicates that cocaine sells for more in many South American cities than it does in America due to market demand.

See this page for UK prices:

The figures they quote seem high though. Ecstasy normally costs from £2 to £5, cocaine is usually £50 a gram, and amphetamines are normally £5 a gram. I know all this from a friend of course!

I am actually quite curious about this too. I am also aware that drug prices can vary quite a bit within our own country as well. For instance, marijuana was a lot cheaper in arizona than it is where i live now, in massachusetts. This I know from talking to um… friends… who… smoked… eh i tried.

In the greater Philadelphia area (Pennsylvania, east coast US) pot will sell for anywhere from $140 to $400 an ounce depending upon quality. The average is probably around $200 an ounce.

Back when the Rat Pack was still alive and I was buying, it was around $25-$35 for a decent quarter ounce in Alabama, so inflation hasn’t been as bad as I’d have thought.

I have never been more pleased to say that my information is waaaaaay out of date! :smiley:

Back in the day (mid-80’s to early 90’s), coke was $100 per gram, pot was really cheap, and acid cost about $5 per hit.

Here’s a stupid question: how far will a gram or heroin or coke go for an average user? Is that one hit, three hits, or how much? (My experience stopped at the freshmen bongdance many years ago).

Totally depends on the user, my dear. In my early days, a 1/4 gram of coke could last several hours. Later, I could snort 1 gram in a single line.

Average? Maybe 12 lines per gram? No stupid questions, only stupid people who answer them on public message boards! :wink:

No experience in this field, but going to Junior College in SoCal, one tends to meet folks into this junk. From what my friends say acid is about $5/hit, marijuana about $15-20/gram.

TN- about $20-30 for a quarter ounce of decent weed. $20-ish for a hit of x.

Sampiro, if you feel like some first hand research, you might try to do some interviews of narcotics officers in major cities. Could be fun.