Illinois couple married 71 years die hours apart

I don’t know these people but this story is too good not to share.

They left five children and 18 grandchildren.

Not all that rare - sadly, this story hits home.
My own parents died on the same day - my dad early in the morning of a heart attack, and my mother died in mid-afternoon of a heart attack as well.
I flew home for a double funeral.
Still kind of hard to talk about, even after all these years, but yeah - my parents were also very close and it was somehow fitting and appropriate that they would go together, even in death.

Since then, I sort of keep an eye out for stories like this and it happens more frequently than you might think. I guess the stress of a spouse dying might be too much for some surviving spouses. This is why, whenever I hear someone say a parent died, I tell them to make sure their surviving parent is being taken care of and perhaps quickly looked at by a doctor.

It happened to my great aunt and great uncle. He died from a heart attack, and when she was told, she died of a heart attack too. They were both in their 90s, and had been married at least 75 years.

My mother’s parents died a day apart. She learned of her mother’s passing, bought a ticket to Poland and was out on the next flight (or sufficiently close to it.) When she landed, she was picked up by her brother with the news her father passed, as well, while she was in transit.