Illinois court records online?

I’m looking for internet access to Illinois circuit court public records. I’ve found my home state’s site easily enough, but Illinois eludes me. Can anyone link me up with such a site, where one enters the name of an individual and can then access all court records involving said personage?


Like most states, Illinois organizes its courts by county. Most counties (other than the largest) are grouped in circuits. Here’s the site for the Circuit Court of Cook County:

Case information is found here:

and here:
Appellate and Supreme Court opinions are found here:
If you are looking for records from other Illinois counties, try googling “clerk of the circuit court” and “_____ county”

Thanks, random. sadly, it seems that Lake county in Illinois does not have that sort of record online at present.

It appears so, although plans to add such access is in the 19th Circuit’s stategic plan.

Here’s the site, FWIW:

We in LC have other problems…