Illustrated Treasure Books

Does anyone remember those hyper-illustrated kids books that supposedly held clues to some buried treasure the author had laid out. Does anyone know the history there? Was it found?

This was like 10 years ago. I was reading about the Beale Papers and I started thinking about them.


Perhaps you’re thinking of The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base?

Yeah, that sounds right.

Didn’t he have a follow-up book too?

What’s the dope on that. Or, I can do a Google search with what you’ve given me so far…


VERY contrived way to sell books. Treasure found. Nice illo’s. I’ve even though about selling out myself!

The first one I remember was Masquerade by Kit Williams. The treasure was a bejewelled gold rabbit. He also published another wherein the task was to figure out the title, and the treasure was a jewelled box with a golden queen bee on the lid.

I should add that I believe both of these were found several years ago.

The first book was the Seventh Guest, the second book was the 11th Hour. I should know because I deciphered both with my best friend while in grade school. Very, very cool books.


Masquerade by Kit Williams is DEFINITELY the one I was thinking of. 7th Guest and 11th Hour are others as well, but Masquerade is the one.