I'm 44 and scared of monsters under the bed

Well, between the bed and the wall. I have a waterbed, so if a monster is under the bed, he (OR she) can’t get to me.

Every once in a while, my arm will flop over the side of the bed. I immediately retract it back, often while having to reposition my body. I cannot sleep with any appendage hanging over the side of the bed. I’m literally scared something will come up and grab it…in its hot, sticky, sharp, yellow teeth.

And yet, because I don’t have A/C and have to sleep with the windows open five months a year, spiders regularly invade every square inch of my room, including my bed. A few times I’ve been bitten. Somehow I can manage that without spinning around in circles flapping my hands and screaming like a little girl (OR boy).

Bonus MPSIMS: I’ve known adults who WILL NOT sleep with the closet door open. I don’t have to worry about that. Instead of a door on my closet, I have Greg Brady love beads. Except mine are like bank pen chains, with bigger nickel-plated beads.

You are validly scared, but of the wrong thing. What can happen is that you can squash down on the artery to the arm, which is on the underside of the humerus, between the arm and the ribs, up near the arm pit, and cut the blood flow off, and if you sleep like that for six hours, it can be permanently injured .

Put your mattress on the floor. No more monsters.

Totally legit fear. I used to know a guy who once let his arm hang over the edge of his waterbed. It was ripped up quite badly by a monster that liked to hang out down there. He needed stitches.

Of course, it’s possible you don’t even have a cat, in which case you are just being weird.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I’m 47, and I currently have a waterbed frame, but when I have to sleep in a bed that’s raised off the floor, I have to jump in from about 5 steps away. Otherwise, the monsters will grab my ankles as I get in. And I also, like you and all other reasonable people, can’t let any part of my body hang off the bed, because of the afore mentioned monsters. Oh, sure, they laugh at us now, but who’ll be laughing when the monsters drag all those lazy bed-getter-inners under the bed to a horrible death? We will, that’s who.

I have to have some sort of covering on me when I sleep no matter how hot it is. Monsters cannot get you through covers.

Oh, not to worry, they’d now lurk above the mattress in the darkness (like a grue)…

Anyone recall the Far Side monster snorkel? Ha ha!

Monsters under the bed; ha, what a wuss!

OTOH, my sister convinced me there were hobgoblins in the basement. Till the day they sold that house (years after I moved out) I would sprint up the stairs… just in case.

After reading Pet Sematary, I was never able to sleep without my feet covered again.

Aw hell no.

I’m 33, and when I get up to use the washroom in the night, I sometimes get the urge to quickly get in to bed and get my feet off the floor…just in case something reaches out from under the bed.

Rationality isn’t as strong in the dark. :o

Now that’s silly. Closet doors work like airlocks. If your door is open, the monster can’t open the door on it’s side.

The father looks under the bed. 'Daddy, there’s something on top of the bed! :eek: ’

It’s been hot here. (Well, hot for here; and I’ve become acclimatised to the cooler weather.) I’ve been sleeping with both feet dangling over one side of the bed in the stream of the fan (which reminds me, I should get a bigger fan), and an arm sticking out over the other side of the bed. The monster under the bed could easily grab me from either end. But we have an agreement.

Not only do I make arrangements to avoid the monster under the bed, this is the reason I always sit ‘criss-cross applesauce’ in my chair* or otherwise have my feet off the floor. I can feel the monster getting ready to grab my feet when they are not safely tucked up.

*The older I get, the less my knees enjoy this fear…

Wait until September/October. Then you can actually feel the giant house spiders crawl across your feet. One did when I was brushing my teeth one morning. I caught it after I finished brushing, and let it go outside. And another did once when I was sitting on the couch.

Waterbed frame. so no monsters under my bed, but the closet door must be closed to keep the monster in. My husband will even close it for me if he notices it’s open after I’m already in bed.

Real news story: Poltergeist Under Couple’s Bed Turns Out to Be Meth Head

My childhood monsters were never under the bed. I had a back room that was kind of like an attic, they hid back in there. To solve the problem of them getting me, 6-year-old me made rules they had to follow, like only moving one step each hour. I’d be awake before the even reached the door. I was a clever kid.

Never had a monster in the closet nor under the bed… I think they were afraid of me… I usta train horses and big dogs,I’da broke it to saddle or put a collar and leash on it…

this is why you get married - you let the SO hang an appendage over as bait.

Whether or not I can sleep with the closet door ajar is a key indicator of just how spooky that spooky movie I was watching before I went to bed really was. If it’s lights out, door open, then it was a pretty lame movie. A good spooky movie might keep the closet door shut at night for a week.