I'm a bit gaseous tonight...

Have been for about 3 days now with some lower bowel pangs. I bet I have cancer. :frowning:

How’s YOUR bowels this fair evening?

My bowels are fairing quite well, thank you, having just laid some major cable about an hour ago. BUT … I’m feeling in a bit of a burritoish mood at the moment, so my colon is in for a surprise.

Let us know how the biopsy comes out.

I had some Chinese food Thursday night, and that turned out unpleasant. Everything seems to be running smoothly today though.
Thanks for asking :slight_smile:


Normal amount gas, bowel sounds active all quadrants. BM times 2 today - moderate amount, formed. Don’t ever ask a nurse about her bowels, it will be TMI for sure.

Yeah but… how do you know a “moderate” amount as opposed to “not quite enough” or “WAY too much”? And what then??

< techie hands Whammo some Extra Strength Gas-X >

Geez dude, at least go in the bathroom, damn it stinks in here. :wink:

< gets out lighter to see if Whammo can light his farts >

Ah shit, my eyebrows are gone!


Dammit, Whammo, you did it to me again.

Why is it that every damn time you start a thread about some body part of yours that is emitting some foul stench, I must open said thread? Why? Why do you do this to me? Did I wrong you in a past life or something?

I’ll get you for this someday. I swear I will. :wink:

It doesn’t stink. Really. It smells like flowers.