I'm a damn GENIUS! Plus contest!

Sort of.

I took an extensive battery of tests for my IQ, spatial co-ordination, thought processes, math, reading, general knowledge, memory, an ADHD test and a bunch of other crap because I’m having trouble concentrating on a couple of aspects of the classes I’m taking for my degree, and thought I might have a disability, or at least an identifiable and fixable problem. The results are in, and they’re pretty interesting.

Total I.Q. 131

Verbal score 153

Literacy Score 155

Math 111

Memory 163

Writing 163

Most of my other scores were in the high normal range.
Notice the math is low. Can you guess where I’m having the problem?

Now for the most interesting part. On the ADHD test the normal range is scored from 85 to 115. Above 115 and you’re not only ADHD, you’re anal. Below and you’ve got some concentration issues.

Guess my score and I’ll give you a custom made pat on the back.

I’m gonna guess around 125 :smiley:

I’m gonna sit on the fence and say 115. :wink:

  1. Definitely, definitely 427.

No, Ethilrist. Too high.

413, tops.

Nobody’s even close. Especially Ethilrist. And Soup. You want a hint?


  1. Ooh, shiny!

I’m guessing about 80.

Concentration issues could explain the (relatively) low math rating.

My paper clip chain is nearly four feet long.

My SO took similar tests and on everything he had 98s or so (of 100) except short term memory, when he had a. . . 6. So I’m gonna go with. . . 30.

The answer to everything is 42.

I, Brian wins the prize. 42. Now for your custom crafted pat on the back:

Well done! [pat pat pat]

Man, I knew I had problems with concentration sometimes, but I never thought…what was I saying?

I’ll say 85.