"I'm a driver, I'm a winner ... " - Whence the sample?

" … things are gonna change, I can feel it."

Most people know that line from Beck’s song Loser. Some people think it’s from a George Bush speech, but others just know it’s from an obscure movie, Kill the Moonlight.

Thing is, I haven’t been able to find hide nor site of either the Bush speech nor the movie. IMDb is insisting that nothing named Kill the Moonlight exists, and searching for the text of decade-old campaign speeches isn’t something Google is specialized for.

So, I’d like a few cites for one or both theories. Or if you can find evidence for a third theory, I’d love to hear it.

Hmm, I always just assumed that it was a Bush quote because that’s who it sounded like to me.


This site has the Kill the Moonlight sdtk. For download and has a 10 second track by Thomas Hendrix called “Driver Winner.” I’m not a member of the site, so I can’t download it, but that’s probably it.

Well on www.songfacts.com, it has both theories listed. So I am going to have to go ahead and declare shenanigans.


Guess I’ll put the broom away.

Sounds like George H.W. Bush to me. Also sounds like the tone and content of his speeches as president.

The economy tanked during his presidency, he didn’t really take any action, his economic plan was just to “wait until things changed” for the better. So the line “Things are going to change, I can feel it!” Sounds like the kind of mindless optimism he peddled.

Also, he was dogged by the insult of “wimp” all through his term, so the idea that he would defiantly say something like “I’m a driver! I’m a winner!” fits.

Yes, it’s from Kill the Moonlight.

There are also clips of the movie in the “Loser” video.

I saw the film’s premiere at the Sunset 5 in 1997 or 98. Beck did a post-film set in the theater with his Mutations-era band. I remember a Doors cover being one of the highlights. I think it was “Light My Fire”.

I’m not saying George Bush said it, just that the content of the lines fits what George Bush would say.

The movie clip in question.

Wouldn’t be prudent…at this juncture.