I'm a MESS!

I got my MESS badge at SurvivorSucks! I’d just like to thank the academy and all the little people. :smiley:

  1. WTF is a mess badge?

  2. WTF is SurvivorSucks?

  3. We of tiny stature prefer to be called ‘altitudinally challenged.’

1. WTF is a mess badge?

From the site: “MESS stands for the Mini E Survivor Spoliers. Our aim is to crack what happens in the next episode analyzing vid caps, incorporating spoilers and having regard to story arcs.”

2. WTF is SurvivorSucks?

[…incredulous stare…]

3. We of tiny stature prefer to be called 'altitudinally challenged.'

Oh, that’s okay. The little people that I speak of are in a shifted reality.

Does that mean I would be big there?
[sub]Note that Abe Babe is almost 190 cm tall, but is just playing along.[/sub]

You would be the very biggest one!

Oh, good… when I read this thread title, I thought it was going to be a post lamenting about your pitiable state of mind!

No, that would be in my Tips for Melancholies thread.

Wait a minute! Do I understant that you are soliciting donations for depressed types?

That’s depressing.

<hands samclem a quarter>

Melancholies are not depressed. We are merely always attempting, against all odds, to restore balance to a world that is dominated by the lesser temperaments.

Our first baby was melancholicy for the first few months. She didn’t really cry, but just kept sighing all the time.

[sub]Note that Astroboy is 194 cm tall…[/sub]

Pats Abe Babe on the head and says, "There, there, little one!"