I'm a minor celebrity!!!!

Warning: This is another thread about my automobile accident in 1995.

In an effort to give back, I have begun doing some volunteer work for the SC Independent Living Council. I was drumming up some publicity about a meeting that they wanted to have near here about the rights of the disabled and resources that are available. I contacted the editor of a local newspaper to talk about some advertising and she rememberwed doing a story about my recovery 2 years back. She was real impressed that I was doing something to make the world a better place and that I was newsworthy. She sent a reporter out to interview me and take some pictures. It made a good story, lots of peolpe have commented on it.

This morning I went to the post office to get my mail and a woman ahead of me turned and asked, “Didn’t I just see you in the paper.” And I said, “Yes.”

Then she said, “I want to ask you one question. Where was your accident?” And I said, “Rum Gully.”

She said that my accident was right in front of her house. She also said that they never knew what happened to me. They had guessed, judging from the wreckage that I did not survive. She told me that shje was so happy to see that they were wrong.

Congratulations - on your recovery and your celebrity as well!


That’s always nice to hear. It was probably also nice for her to see that someone she feared was dead all these years was doing well, not to mention giving back to the community. Nice work.

I want to live in a place called Rum Gully!

Heh…sounds like a place you’d expect Fraggles to live. :slight_smile:

What a nice story. It’s good to hear about communities where people still care about each others’ well-being.