I'm a moron. Need help with my new PDA (Part II).

Okay okay okay, I’ve had this PDA (HP Jornada 567) for a few weeks now. It’s okay. Honestly, had I the chance to ‘test drive’ it for a week, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up, but I think maybe I can grow into it somehow.

Anyway, I’m trying to download programs to install onto the damn thing. It isn’t going well at all. I pull shareware and freeware down from the sites, load them onto my desktop, run the setup program and then move it over to the PDA. It isn’t working.

Am I doing this wrong? How am I supposed to install the calculator that figures out the half-life of U[sub]235[/sub] and the number of hair follicles on any given goldfish, if I can’t get the thing to work?

At least I can make it beep at me.

Hmm. I don’t know if your PDA is like my PDA, but I do know I had a similar problem when I first got mine. You may have to first unzip the programs to install them. Most of the downloads come in little “folders” and there’s documentation and stuff in there with the software. Since I don’t have winZIP or anything like that, I download my programs into my AOL mail, which automatically unzips them when I sign off. THEN I move them to my PDA desktop and just follow the installation instructions from there.

Hope this helps – I am a computer moron, too, and it took me about a week to figure this out with mine. Good luck!