I'm a Movie Star! In Canada!

A documentary I was interviewed for late last year, The Anatomy of Burlesque, is premiering at the Montreal World Film Festival this weekend!

Sadly, I will be unable to schlep up to Montreal to see it, but I still expect to be pestered by autograph hounds and papparazzi beginning next week.

Hawww ! We’ll be deprived of your presence then, bummer :frowning:

Eve, if you’re going to be pestered by papparazzi, you need to start training. I suggest “The Sean Penn Guide To Media Relations” and a set of brass knuckles.

THE ANATOMY OF BURLESQUE, 2003 / Video / Colour / 94 min, Dir. Lindalee Tracey, Canada.
Schedule :
September 05, 2003 • 12:50 • PARISIEN 1 • P1.05.3 • Ang.
September 06, 2003 • 21:00 • PARISIEN 1 • P1.06.7 • Ang.
September 07, 2003 • 15:00 • PARISIEN 1 • P1.07.3 • Ang.

Thanks for posting the schedule eunoia. I’ll definiteley be at one showing. Anything to support our Eve !

I must note here that I remain fully clothed throughout.

I would expect a lady like you to do so :wink:

I would expect a lady like you to do so :wink:

[hijack]I’ll be a direct-to-video star in two weeks … I play a football player in the upcoming movie, The Hall Monitor, ( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00008O2Z6 ) a black comedy about a Dirty-Harry-esque hall monitor who carries a .44 Magnum and has to track down a serial killer who’s offing popular kids. The indie feature was written and shot back in 1997 and 1998, before the wave of school shootings and the events of Columbine, specifically (there eerie parallels with the Colorado shootings–the movie’s school is named “Rocky Mountain High”, for instance).

It’s being released by that bastion of quality cinema, Troma. But don’t hold that against the film. :wink: [/hijack]

there ARE eerie parallels … and not-so-eerie typos …

Dammit, no spoilers! :smiley:

According to a sneaked copy of the contract on Smoking Gun, Eve earned $5,000,000 Canadian for her part in the film ($28.50 US) and insisted on having only red M&M’s in the bowl located next to her chilled bottle of Mad Dog.

Famous author.
Grave Yard Tour Leader
Doyenne of Dope
Classy broad.

And now Burlesque Commentator.

She just gets better and better.

::Makes note to check BRAVO schedule for 2/04::