I'm a nanny!

That is, a person who cares for someone else’s children, not a grandmother or a goat.

I WAS working as a pre-k teacher, but I quit at the end of the school year for several reasons, some of them being that I didn’t like a lot of the school’s policies and that my boss was a MAJOR bitch. The main reason was that I have hypothyroidism and the medication I was on wasn’t working well, but since switching to a new med, I feel better, and my thyroid levels are back to normal.

I love kids, especially little ones, always have. I thought about getting a job at another school, then I was toying with the idea of becoming a nanny, and the opportunity just fell into my lap! The parents are really nice, and leave a van with carseats in it for me so I can take the kids out if I want to. The mom is a schoolteacher, so on snowdays I don’t have to go to work since she’ll be home with the kids, and they’ll still pay me. The kids are really sweet too- Big Brother is 3 years old, and Little Brother just turned one. BB is really smart, knows the names of all these different tools, animals, and cars- he said to me the other day, “Give me my PT Cruiser.” and it blew me away! He’s a little deficient in the ABCs and numbers, though, so I figured I’ll work with him on that. He loves to play ball, any kind, and has a soccer ball, a football, a basketball, etc. We go out into the big backyard and throw a ball around and then he tells me to “throw the ball high” when we’re playing footbal, so I throw it really high and long, and he says, “Wow, that’s cool!” Makes me feel good 'cause I was never any good at sports in school. Nothing like kids to give you an ego boost! :slight_smile:
LB just learned to walk, and is very curious, so Mom and Dad need to put safety locks on the cabinets and stuff. They didn’t have to do that with BB because he didn’t get into things the way that LB does. They’re both adopted, and they have real different personalities, and BB loves LB and always wants to hug him after he wakes up from his nap. BB is a very nuturing child, holds his stuffed animals like they’re babies, and tucks them in to “go night-night”.

I’m learning a lot- like how to move about in the kitchen and fix lunch with a toddler clinging to my legs, and that I shouldn’t wear shirts I REALLY like to work (One day I came home with boogies wiped on one shoulder and cookie mush wiped on the other shoulder). I figure, it’s Mommy Practice- I don’t have any human children yet, just feline ones, and my husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant. I feel so lucky that I found this, and that the kids are so good and all. I’m sure there will be days when they’re grumpy, or I’m grumpy, or LB will be teething, or whatever. But I can handle it- after all, it’s two good kids as opposed to 18 obnoxious 4- and 5- year olds! BB and I had a minor confrontation on friday about Cleaning Up, and I was probably too hard on him, but I figure I need to be a little strict to start out with, because at the preschool, I started out too nice and the kids walked all over me. I felt like SUCH a shit, though, because I put BB in “Time Out”, and he was crying. He looked SO pitiful, but I stood my ground, and it worked out, and he cleaned up, and I hugged him and we talked about it afterwards.

All in all I feel very fortunate, and like Someone Up There is looking out for me, and it’s nice that something in my life is actually working out for once! Already I love these kids, and I enjoy being with them. And they enjoy being with me too- apparently last saturday night, BB said, “I can’t go to bed yet, moggy hasn’t come over.” Makes me feel good.

sign me, Nanny Mogs :smiley:

Congrats Nanny moggy :slight_smile: They sound really sweet and you sound like a really great Nanny, their lucky to have you.

Have you been issued your parasol yet? :smiley:

Glad you’ve been so lucky in finding a good position. Not going to go “Montessori”, then?

Nanny Mogg

It has a nice ring to it, if you’re a Terry Pratchett reader. :smiley:

No parasol yet, Tranquilis. I have enough trouble juggling the diaper bag, the toddler, and holding on to the 3-year-old’s hand! I don’t know what we’d do in the rain. Maybe nannies get issued parasols when their charges are old enough to walk. :slight_smile: Wow, you remembered about the Montesori! No, I decided I didn’t want to get entangled in another school system- I kinda got burned in my job.

Ashtar, who’s Terry Prachett? I think he’s a sci-fi/fantasy writer, yes? Does he write about moggies?