I'm a test thraed

I’m done with this thread. It has no use anymore.

The thread has expired-it has ceased to be!

You weren’t testing your spell-check, were you?

spelling can be wrong and undetected in titles.

Where are the poll choices?

[sing along]I’m a test thread and I’m okay… [/sa]

Learn something gnu every day.

[sa]I’m a little test thread, short and stout… [/sa]

Better a thraed than a thraet, test or no test.

This is only a tset.

Maybe it’s a testes threat. :eek:


<tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick>

This thread self destructed ten seconds ago.


I’m in ur test thraed, killin ur premiss.

Test threads are for sissies.

You know who *else *posted test threads?

I dunno who posted test threads. As you can plainly see, this is a test thraed; it’s a horse of another color entirely.

Don’t tread on me or my test thraed!

Never trust a Doper not to needle your threads, or thread your needles.

If we’re going to use British spellings like “thraed,” then we should probably also use “colour.”

Does that mean we also have to use ‘humour’? :stuck_out_tongue: