I'm about to bust my ass thanks to a new floor.

The floor in my room is no longer carpet and is now wood. I give my office chair a little adjustment of raise ass up and plant in a better place for a better seat. The office chair instead of being where it needs to be is actually a foot farther back than expected. One of these times I won’t manage to actually plant my ass on the chair and instead bust my ass. Habits die hard, but this might well kill me. Never mind wearing socks and having your feet fly out from under you.

Time for you to get the socks with the rubber treads on the bottoms. My husband got a pair last time he was in the hospital… so if you bust your ass, you’ll get free socks!!! :smiley:

stuff bubble wrap in your pants.

Once when I was at a client’s house I tried to sit down at the kitchen table.
The chair had wheels and some how I caught the edge of the seat.

I landed on my ass, the chair flipped up and and the back of the seat hit me in the head, then it slid backwards across the kitchen floor and two of the wheels went into the wall.

My son was with me and he laughed his ass off.

No are you okay mom, no let me help you up mom. Just bent over with tears running down his face laughter.

Buy a scrap of carpet and put it under the desk and where the chair is. It’ll save both you and the wooden floor - I’m sure the repetitive wheels won’t be good for the finish.