I'm cuttin' a rug

…Completely on accident, of course.

I only noticed it today when I was sitting in my computer chair and the phone rang. I kicked away from the desk to propel myself the foot or so that would take to reach the phone, but instead wound up flat on my back as my knees flew up to crack into the underside of the desk.

Apparently through months and months of wear and tear, one of the wheels on my computer chair has actually torn a hole in the damn carpet! And as you can see, the hole goes through the carpet and the padding all the way to the wood. (That is my finger, not a newborn hairless pink elephant) How the heck could I have not noticed this? I know it hasn’t been sitting in the exact same spot forever, simply because I move it every time I get in and out of it.

It looks like I either need new carpet, or shall I go the style of many a young man with supbar floor coverings and patch the hole with duct tape. And if anyone wants to contribute toward a less destructive seating arrangement, then by all means, feel free. :wink: