I'm almost 50 and listening to a new band that isn't famous yet. I'm 15 again. LOL

I haven’t sought out and found new bands since high school. It was always fun discovering new music weeks or even months before before they were trending on the radio.

I stumbled across First Aid Kit and love their music. So raw and pure. I love the harmony. No auto tune. No heavy production. I haven’t heard anything this honest from a band in a long time. The Lion’s Roar is their new CD and is just being released.

I gets so frustrated finding new music that I can enjoy. Thought I’d pass this on.

Lions RoarEmmylou

The Lion’s Roar is a great album. I got it last year or the year before and it is quite beautiful.

I’ve just ordered my cd. Heard several of the songs on youtube.

UsAToday has them in hi res

Very cool. Thanks for that.

I wonder what you would think of Low.

I liked Low. I’ll add that to my youtube favorites. thanks for posting.

There is some good music being made. It’s just a challenge finding it.

I listened to Casey Kasam’s American Top 40 countdown for over twenty years. I heard a lot of new music and liked most of it. I can’t imagine sitting through a top 40 countdown today. I might like a handful of the songs.

One of the classic moments on The Osbournes was an episode for Kelly’s birthday party. Kelly asked Ozzy how he liked the music. It’s crap. was his reply. It’s hard relating to another generations music.

First Aid Kit reminds me of Kristin Hersh. In fact, if my wife were in the room…she’d assume that’s who that was.

Sounds good.

TasteKid is a good way to find new music based on what you already like.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is a fan of First Aid Kit, apparently having sneaked into a recent gig