I'm already hyped about Pixar's 'Inside Out'!



I don’t know much about Bill Hader, (Fear) or Kaitlyn Dias, (Reilly)… but this is an amazing cast.

Especially Psyched to hear that Phyllis Smith is playing “Sadness”. She deserves the part as I think her work on ‘The Office’ is actually really good, and she’s perfect for the role.

Mindy Kaling… eh, I’m more happy about Smith.

Amy Poehler is a great choice for “Joy”, and of course Lewis Black as “Anger” is a great choice.

It looks like Pixar is going to not insult me, (like ‘The Lego Movie’ had, [I know it’s not Pixar], I just think it was overrated dreck), or the rest of the audience members of any age with a movie without substance.

I was with you until you shit on The Lego Movie, which is fantastic.

Inside Out does look good though.

Herman’s Head: The Movie

I know the trailer was so cute! I was totally sold.

Aubrey Plaza > Mindy Kaling???

Count me in as another person excited about this film… tho I was reminded more of the extinct Epcot attraction Cranium Command, which carried the idea further - George Wendt as the stomach, Hans & Franz as the heart, Bobcat Goldthwaite as the adrenal gland… it didn’t age well, but I miss it dearly!

God, no Bobcat Goldthwaite, he has ruined enough movies already. I have no idea how that goofball has a movie career when there are so many proper actors out there!

Gilbert Gottfied wasn’t always available.

And Chris Farley was dead.

Bobcat’s made a few really good films as a writer/director. World’s Greatest Dad w/ Robin Williams being my favorite of the lot.

What’s this about? The Lego Movie? I’m not sure why comparing the female voice leads is necessary but they’re both good at what they do.

I think in your OP you claim The Lego Movie has no substance. Did you actually watch it?

Once, unfortunately.

I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s message, (if you want to call it that), is pretty weak and not very deep. I mean, if that’s you’re thing, that’s cool. I just watched it with my father, (he liked ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’).

Inside Out looks to be fun. I hope it is.

Exactly what I was going to post.

Looks good.
I’m also looking forward to Hotel Transylvania 2.

With a splash of Osmosis Jones. Both underrated entertainments.

No kidding :dubious:


Give me another.

The fact that Lewis Black (voicing anger) is anywhere in a Pixar movie is hilarious to me.

Can I see those behind-the-scenes recording sessions? Watching him be angry and NOT say fuck?

Trailer #2