I'm an idiot

I know it’s not good to be ripping on ones self, but I really have to do this.

For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been responding to most of the topics in General Discussions and MPSIMS. I’ve looked back at all the things I said, and I pretty much acted like a jerk, almost as a “troll” as some of you might say.

I think all of you know by now, I made a graphic in a thread which ended up almost ruining it. I thought it was going to be funny, but it backfired on me. After that, I thought, “This is pathedic of myself. This needs to stop. I need to stop.”

I just want to say I apologize to all of the Teeming Millions for being such a jerk and being a pain in the ass. And for now on, I’ll just shut my mouth.

Thanks for listening.

Take it easy, Louie. It’s very difficult to know what something is going to look like before you hit that “Submit” button. I don’t ever recall you trolling, and I’ve got a pretty long memory and low tolerance when it comes to trolls.

Hey Louie,

I’ll second PB - you’re not a troll. I think most of us who are relatively new to message boards have to bump and bang a little bit to get a handle on how to fit w/the community and get our own thoughts out in ways that are both meaningful and generally accessible.

I’ll third it! I’ve enjoyed your posts Louie. You’re one of the more interesting new regulars.

I remember my first “double” post. I was mortified. The server said it hadn’t accepted my first submission, so I resubmitted There it was: the same post twice in row, with my name on it for everyone to see. The point is that I got through it, and now am once again a productive member of the MB.

Ditto. We all make mistakes. We’ve all double-posted, or bunged up a HTML/UBB tag, whathaveyou. You’re not an idiot for messing up, since you learned from the mistake.

‘They couldn’t hit an Elephant from this dist…!’

Last words of General John Sedgwick

… and if you have messed up, an e-mail to the Board Moderator might result in a “fix.”

Louie - It took me all of 2 minutes to get rid of that graphic after I was alerted by another reader. No problimo. We’re here to help, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, k?

I used the words “silly graphic” in my editing text because it was… well, silly and I wanted to tease you about it.
Always remember, people don’t tease people unless they like them.

That’s ok Louie. I made a post about some ugly racist town I saw once and evidently sounded like I agreed with them (I didn’t). It was deleted before too many people saw it, hopefully. That’s the last reputation I need.

Hey, did I get lost? Isn’t this the pit? Where are the flames?

Hey Louie, ya punk-assed wad of dried bat pee, get back on this board and fight like a man! :wink:

(You’re okay, really. If I made a list of the top-10 people I wanted to exile from the SDMB, you wouldn’t be on it.)

Your Quadell

:slight_smile: Well, ok, I’m back! And this time, no HTML tables. lol

Stuck in Canada,